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How to Get a Greener, Thicker, and Healthier Lawn: 7 Tips

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Nothing in the summer is more inviting for an afternoon picnic, a location for a photo, or any social event than a lovely green lawn. Here are some tips for maintaining the ideal property all summer.

– 1/3 Rule

Only cut off one-third of the grass blade. When trimmed too short, grass struggles to thrive and eventually looks exhausted.

– Acceptable height of the grass

Long grass blades enable roots to penetrate the soil more deeply. The grass can resist droughts and fight off pests and illnesses if its roots are more profound.

– Lawn Mower Blades

Your grass will look better with sharp mower blades. Sharp blades also hasten the recovery process of grass.

– Fertilizer

A fertilized lawn will be healthier and greener due to the application. Make sure you carry it out at the appropriate time of year.

– Diseases And Pests

There may be a problem if your grass has brown circles or dry sections. Large rings may be produced if this penetrates the soil; insects or a fungus could cause these. To repair your grass, proper treatment is essential.

– Watering

For your lawn, thorough watering is essential rather than shallow. Instead of shallow watering every day, it is more crucial that your grass receives one inch of water to 12 inches of soil three times per week.

– Irrigation System

Make careful to test your irrigation system if you have one. Watch how long it takes one inch of water to collect around a few pans with straight sides. Ensure that the water is poured into each pan at the same rate.

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