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How to Revive Dead Grass

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Dead grass is an eyesore and reduces the curb appeal of your property. Use this approach to restore your lawn’s green shine if it fails to withstand the summer heat. How to Resurrect Dead Grass Make sure the grass is dead before proceeding.
In northern regions, cool-season lawns can go dormant in the middle of the summer, especially in times of drought. Consider carefully inspecting the crowns, the whitish part at the plant’s base where individual blades of grass emerge, before you take drastic measures to resuscitate your grass.

Your grass should recover if you water it more frequently if the crowns are still alive.No matter how much water you give the grass, it won’t green back up if the peaks are brown and dried up. You can do the process yourself if your otherwise healthy lawn has dead patches that need to be revived. However, if replacing your entire lawn presents itself, you could require assistance from a professional lawn care service.

To refresh bald grass spots, follow these steps:

– Either pull weeds or use a herbicide to eliminate problematic plants in your yard.

– To encourage the movement of air, water, and nutrients to the soil beneath this decomposing plant matter, dethatch the lawn.

– 5 to 6 inches of dirt should be tilled. You can also add organic compost to boost clay soil’s nutrient content, bulkiness, and water-holding ability.

– Check the phosphorus content of the soil. The addition of grass-starter fertilizer can aid the healthy growth of lawns.

– Plant new seeds or sod. After scattering grass seeds all over the area, cover them with a thin layer of earth. Alternatively, you may install sod. Ensure the fresh pieces are tightly affixed to the older ones and that their roots are firmly attached to the ground. Find out if you should seed or sod your grass.

How to make an evergreen lawn by preventing dead grass in the future?

After reviving your dead grass, follow these recommendations to keep it looking great:

– For the next two to three weeks, rinse the freshly repaired spots daily to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Reduce watering frequency gradually as the new lawn takes root.

– To keep your grasses a few inches long, mow once a week.

– Till the end of the season, fertilise every four to five weeks. Fertilise your grass earlier in the spring and once in the fall after the first year.

– Every few years, aerate and dethatch the soil to help it breathe. Keep canines off the grass.

– Some dogs have urine that is so acidic that it kills grass. If you have no other option, wash the area where your pets have defecated with water.

– Move any above-ground pools and slides around the yard to prevent the summer heat from suffocating a single area of grass.

It might be challenging to keep an evergreen lawn during the summer. If you lack the skills, resources, or time to revitalise your dead grass, leave RDK LANDSCAPING in charge of maintaining your lawn.

Our complete lawn care services include fertiliser, aeration, trimming, and mowing and trimming. Please request a free job quote from us right away. Then, consider the possibility of your grass suffering from a water shortage.

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