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The top ten innovative methods for removing snow and ice

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The top ten best snow and ice removal hacks include using a tarp, being proactive, making snow rolls, planning snow removal, using cooking spray on a shovel, donning socks over snowshoes to prevent slipping, using salt to quickly melt ice, using comfortable shovels, and using kitty litter for car tire traction.
Our dependable snow plow operator will clear the driveway if you want to avoid shovelling the snow yourself. Call us now to reach RDK. Everyone anticipates seeing a brilliant white blanket covering everything in view, including your backyard, the mailbox in front, the car, and the driveway, as the temperature drops in preparation for winter.
Despite the lovely snow and ice, they must be cleared away. Since it must be done, it is necessary to remove ice and snow throughout the winter. We’ve included ten great snow and ice removal hacks for you because clearing snow, and ice may be tiresome with a danger of injury.

1. Create snowballs

It’s only sometimes necessary to remove snow, which is a difficult task. You can enjoy yourself while doing both. Making enormous snowballs and rolling them away from your home is the simplest way to remove snow from your driveway. This is a fun method to clear snow from your driveway; your kids can help.
This hack might not always work if you wish to try this snow removal method. For instance, rolling snow only creates and maintains a ball of dense, moist snow. Therefore, you will need to use a snow shovel to clear your driveway if it is covered with dry or light powdery snow.

2. Take safety precautions

Keeping ahead of the snowfall is a great strategy to avoid the need for snow and ice removal immediately away. Before the snow falls on the ground, you must monitor the weather and apply ice melt.

This preventative technique is a great trick to stop the formation of black ice on your property. As a result, before employing this snow removal technique, keep your plants and animals in mind. The reason is that salt can harm wildlife, trees, plants, and other landscaping elements if you’re not careful.

3. Schedule for snow removal

The worst thing you can do when clearing snow is waiting for it to stop. Instead, arrange a quick shovel every couple of hours, depending on how long the snowfall is predicted to last.

4. Apply cooking spray

Removing snow with a shovel might be challenging when wet and heavy. This type of snow required a clever trick that involved spraying the shovel with cooking spray.

Doing this may clear the snow more quickly and keep it from clinging to the shovel. Ensure thoroughly wipe the snow shovel before putting it in the garage to avoid a mess.

5. Beware of slipping

Slipping on ice and snow carries a substantial risk. Even the most sure-footed among us have stumbled and fallen while clearing snow and ice off the property once or twice.
The most straightforward method to avoid slipping and falling on snow or ice is to wear socks over your shoes or boots. This increases the traction of your shoes or boots and helps you avoid slipping and hurting yourself on an icy sidewalk.

6. Quicker ice melting

It would be best if you were equipped to deal with various wintertime issues. Make a salt solution to apply to the front stairs, driveway, and sidewalk if you discover frozen ground after clearing the snow.

Any paved surface on your property receiving foot traffic needs an anti-ice solution.

7. Comfortably shovel

Your back doesn’t necessarily have to suffer when you’re shoveling snow. Today’s market offers a variety of exceptionally crafted snow and ice shovels that are intended to make it simpler to remove snow and ice.

Typically, these snow shovels have three handles: two for lifting and tossing snow and one for piling snow. The footrest on this kind of snow shovel typically provides an extra push to loosen up snow and ice that has been packed together.

8. Snow removal without shovels

A clear tarp can be helpful if you cannot use a shovel to clear snow and ice for some reason.

Before snowfall is predicted, you must spread the tarp over paved areas like the sidewalk, driveway, and front stairs. You can easily remove the tarp once the snow stops falling to reveal a clear, ice- and snow-free driveway.

9. Effective snowblowing

The driveway should be snow blasted for the best snow removal results. To accomplish this, begin in the middle of the driveway and pitch the snow to one side.

Once the driveway is clear of snow and ice, you can turn around and go down the opposite side. Repeat this process until it is. Doing this means you won’t have to stop frequently to change the chute’s direction and won’t typically require a second pass to clear the driveway of snow or ice.

10. Kitty litter

The best grip on ice surfaces can be found using kitty litter. As a result, it is beneficial for tires that need to get out of snow drifts.

The trunk of your automobile should always hold a sizable supply of kitty litter. For this method, you can use wood ashes, sand, or birdseed if you don’t have cat litter.


Making snow rolls, taking preventative measures, creating a schedule for shovelling snow, using cooking spray on a shovel, wearing socks over boots to prevent slipping, using salt to melt ice more quickly, using comfortable shovels, using innovative snow blower techniques, and using kitty litter for traction on car tires are among the ten great snow and ice removal hacks.

Suppose you cannot clear the snow and ice from your property for whatever reason. In that case, you can call experts from RDK LANDSCAPING for reasonably priced and effective services.

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