How to Place and Size a Rain Garden to Fit Your Landscape

Installing a rain garden is a great way to reduce runoff and return water to its source. Rain gardens are growing in popularity as an environmentally friendly way to infiltrate rainwater into your home landscape. This has great potential to reduce the overall demand on municipal sewerage systems and is a cost-effective means of effectively […]

Questions to Ask Your Landscape Contractor

Find out what you need to know about hiring the right professional to execute your outdoor project. Whether small or large, landscaping updates provide an opportunity to improve life in your home. This is where landscaping contractors can come into play. When it’s time to choose someone to oversee the construction of your project, asking […]

Understand the site to sustainably manage stormwater

Follow this guide to learn how water moves through your landscape and how to best manage it. The key to creating a truly resilient and sustainable storm water management plan for your home environment is understanding your site. Explore how water works in the landscape and how it fits into the bigger picture. Identify existing […]

Choose the right irrigation system for your yard

Learn the pros and cons of drip irrigation, soaker hoses, underground systems, and more to find  out what’s best for you. Your garden needs water to be healthy and combined with today’s technology, the right irrigation system can be customized to fit your landscape and give you the exact coverage you want while saving you […]

Inspiring alternatives to traditional lawns

Consider an attractive, environmentally friendly alternative to your lawn. Lawns are part of the American landscape. It is not visually cluttered and is easy on the eyes. As a playing surface, most grass types can withstand some abuse and are relatively easy on abusers. However, considering all the other options available, it’s safe to say […]

Help You Prepare for Landscape Construction

To help your outdoor renovation project go smoothly, follow these tips from landscaping experts: Landscape renovations take time. It’s also messy and often uncomfortable. Taking certain steps at the beginning can make everything a little easier for you and your crew. Knowing what to expect as things progress also helps you understand the process. To […]

Reliable Ground Covers for Warm Climates

Transform your lawn with drought-tolerant clump plants and watch your maintenance efforts go  down while they grow easily. Gardening in warm regions presents its own set of challenges, including hot summers, dry shade, heavy rain, drought and soils that range from pure sand to impenetrable clay and soggy mud. But believe it or not, no […]

Expert tips for making your own compost

Find out how to provide your garden with nutrient-rich soil for free with advice from (Add Company Name) landscaping experts. Want to reduce waste, save money and ensure your soil is healthy and nutrient-rich? The best way is to try making your own compost. We spoke to garden and landscape design experts about everything you […]

Reduce Your Lawn Use: Save Water and Effort

reduce the lawn use by rdk landscaping

Ditch the lawnmower, lower your water bill, and explore a variety of plants and gathering spots. Lawns are ideal as active play areas for people and pets, as well as circulation paths through the landscape. Thanks to their uniform color and texture, lawns often serve as a place for the eye to rest within an […]

Give your lawn a fall tune-up

lawn maintenance in fall

Giving your old lawn a little TLC, this fall can help you achieve a lush, healthy lawn in the spring. Your lawn has probably taken a big hit this summer. Family gatherings, bringing dogs, children’s games and toys, combined with heat and drought, will make it difficult for your lawn to breathe. If your lawn […]