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Spring Clean-up

The Best Solution for Spring Cleaning and Property Preparation.

The coming of spring is eagerly awaited by many homeowners because it signifies an increase in sunshine, daylight hours, warm-weather activities, and the rebirth of their lawns, gardens, and plants. After a long and frigid winter, the spring season offers many opportunities to spend as much time as possible outdoors. However, a portion of this free time will likely need to be devoted to cleaning up the property.

Homeowners often get their yards ready for spring because they take pleasure in their property and want to keep or boost its aesthetic appeal and market value. To be honest, though, many people view spring cleaning as something they have to do rather than something they want to do, and the work may be done grudgingly and/or in a rush.

Homeowners may ensure that their properties receive the level of care they deserve following the dormant winter season while also protecting and preserving their outdoor time for leisure activities.

We guarantee that your project will be completed on schedule and at the highest possible standard.

The Spring Clean-Up Program offered by RDK Landscaping is an option for homeowners who own properties and want the following areas cleaned and/or prepared for the coming of spring.

Spring cleaning! Time to get rid of your old junk.

“The key to spring cleaning is to be ruthless! Throw out anything and everything you never use. (Or that may be incriminating. Burn, if necessary, but remember if using gasoline, those fires should be contained in a non-flammable container.)”

— Josie Brown

Cleaning Up Debris

The first step in preparing your lawn and landscape for the warmer weather is to pick away any organic debris, such as leaves, branches, trash, and garbage. While a tidy home certainly has more curb appeal, this service’s primary goal is to ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the area around the building. The removal of landscape trash has a number of additional advantages.

  • Maintaining a healthy lawn and garden by avoiding leaf rot
  • Keeping dampness and mildew at bay
  • Your home should be bug-proofed.
  • Ventilate and lighten your grass and plant beds.
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To make certain that everything goes according to plan and that the project is completed on schedule, we employ a step-by-step procedure.

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