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Water Pond and Plants Installation

We'll provide a Water Pond and Plants Installation service that exceeds your expectations.

Adding pond plants to a water garden is calming. Inexperienced water gardeners may find choosing pond plants overwhelming. Unsure how to plant a water garden? If you want a lush yard, try these tips.

DIY pond installation is easier than most imagine. Flexible liners and readymade pools make professional pool installation unnecessary.

Many wish to create backyard pools these days. Flexible liners and prefabricated pools are two choices. Both can be set up in a weekend with two people. Concrete pools are more expensive and complex to create. Hire a specialist for landscape design or installation.

Setting Up a Preformed Pond

Here are 11 easy steps for installing a prefabricated pond. This was done in a day.

“Precast” or prepared pond shells provide rapid results, making them the easiest and safest. Premade pond shells come in many patterns and materials.

Putting in a Flexible Liner for a Pond for a Water Garden.

  1. Pool outline with garden hose. Trace a square or rectangular pool with staked thread. Framing squares are needed for 90-degree corners.
  2. Cattails need 6 to 18-inch shelves. Edges collapse. 20 degrees is best. Dig the pond edge level. If you’re edging your pond with stone, remove extra sod.
  3. Cover the pool’s bottom and sides with two inches of moist sand. If using a cheap liner, place landscaping cloth over the sand for piercing protection.

  4. Corners and curves require folding. Foot-prod the lining (remove your shoes first). It’ll hold.

  5. Fill the pool gradually with water, smoothing out any creases.

  6. Leave 6 inches of overlap on all sides. Overlap with mud or pavers.

We complete your project on time and in the best possible manner.

Plants placed strategically make a natural-looking water garden. Shorter plants at the pond’s edge won’t block the view. Then, gradually add medium-and taller-height plants for a smooth transition. Use floating plants, shorter marginal plants, and grasses as foreground plants. Large shrubs serve as the pond’s backdrop. The result is a peaceful, uninterrupted view of the surrounding area. RDK Landscaping offers these planting services on garden ponds for your selection of plants.


There are some other interesting things to consider when it comes to Water Pond and Plants Installation 

 “The lotus comes from the murkiest water but grows into the purest thing.”

– Nita Ambani
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How to Install a Prefabricated Liner for a Pond in a Water Garden

  • Mark the pool with garden hose. Make the aperture two inches wider and deeper to accommodate built-in bookshelves. Final excavation must match lining shape.
  •  Cover the excavation with damp sand, leveling as you go. Insert the shell.
  • Add water and sand around the shell slowly. add-edge option

How to Construct a Waterfall for a Pond in a Water Garden

Aquatic plants thrive in still water, although a cascade or fountain could enhance a water garden. Fish want oxygenated moving water. Filtering a pump can purify water. Focus on the pump’s look. Water is soothing.

Currents and splashing damage aquatic plants. In gusts, fountain spray can destroy plants. Water lilies and other plants can be kept away by positioning the waterfall at one end of the pool and using pebbles to control the current.


Understanding plant information

Pick pond plants carefully. Researching. Size, light, hardiness, and growth. Pond-build. Dark. Brighter. Plants require light.

  • Submerged plants utilize CO2 and release oxygen. Anacharis removes excess nutrients and provides oxygen.

  • Cattails and Pickerel Rush line ponds. Roots grow underwater, but plant develops above. These plants soften the hardscape and blend the pond and garden.

  • Floating plants float on the water’s surface. These plants’ root systems absorb surplus nutrients from water and discourage algae. Floating plants like Water Hyacinths give shade to fight algae. Floating plants give visual appeal to ponds.
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