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Water Garden Cleanup

The Water Garden Cleanup service we provide will go above and beyond your specifications. ​

Every garden would benefit from having a water fountain. A sense of peace and tranquility can be created by the soft sound of rushing water. A closer connection with nature is facilitated by the birds’ chirping while they bathe. And the thriving plants, animals, and amphibians support a wide variety of life and an environment that can take care of itself.

But if you’ve never taken care of a garden water feature before, you might be wondering: how do I keep my garden water feature clean? You see, birds, vegetation, and insects are all quite drawn to all that free-flowing water. They are likely to carry debris and bacteria with them, which could start to disrupt the environment of your fountain. If the dirt and bacteria are not rapidly cleared, your fountain may start to appear rather unpleasant and may even endanger your health.

We’ve included our best cleaning tips for your garden water fountain to assist you in making sure that doesn’t happen. Your backyard fountain will be spotless and hygienic in no time if you stick to these easy instructions.

We complete your project on time and in the best possible manner.

Contact RDK Landscaping to schedule Water Garden Cleanup and management of the highest calibre, and be assured that we will finish your job on time and in the most effective way possible. We value promptness more than our own time because we believe the time you give us is more precious than our own. We would hate to see a simple sod installation job hold you up for a few weeks while you fall farther behind on other important responsibilities.

When thinking about Water Garden Cleanup, there are several additional exciting factors to think about. ​

A clean pond is more useful than a dirty ocean.

-Matshona Dhliwayo

Remove Algae with Bacteria

A pond with an excessive amount of algae is the most annoying thing ever. Eliminating them is a priority for you. An unbroken ecosystem is what you get with a pond. Bacteria recycle the pond’s organic waste into plant food, and the aquatic vegetation in turn releases oxygen into the water. A pond’s ecological equilibrium can be disrupted even if it has been correctly installed, leading to unsightly algae bloom.


Get a higher pump and install it

A sanitary fountain needs a good pump. A cheaper, lower-quality pump may seem like a good choice while building your fountain, but after a year, when the plastic components age and break down, the flow performance can be greatly reduced. This makes it easier for algae and other germs to spread, tainting your water’s quality and color and making it unclean.

If you’ve had a cheap plastic garden pump for a few years, consider this Pentair model. You’ll have fewer technical troubles and longer-lasting, greater flow performance.

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Change the water in the fountain once a month.

Change your fountain’s water monthly. We also recommend using distilled water instead of tap water, which could be contaminated with microorganisms. Chlorinated water prevents all biological growth.

Before refilling, cleanse the fountain’s surface with a garden hose and clean towels.


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Cleaning and Replacing Pump Filters

Clean and replace the pump filters. Debris might clog a filter, preventing your pump from removing hazardous microorganisms. If you’re unsure, contact the manufacturer or replace the pump. If you don’t replace the pump filters, you’ll soon have serious hygiene issues. Replace or update.

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