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New Planting Installation

We love to do it from scratch.

New landscape construction may be challenging and stressful without the assistance of an expert in the field. Starting with a blank slate allows you to express your creativity to its fullest right from the start. Don’t worry, we at RDK Landscaping are here to assist you in creating the landscape of your dreams for your property. From start to finish, we make the procedure as simple as possible, and we’ll be there for you once the work is done.

We have highly skilled and trained staff who have years of experience in landscaping.

Our employees are well-trained and well-managed to give customers with an amazing service experience. We make it a point to listen carefully to what you have to say about the landscape design process so that we may provide exactly what you want. Afterwards, we devise a strategy and begin the project. Once we get started, we’ll do all we can to meet and exceed your expectations.

It is not hard to start a small garden, all you need is a sapling, a planting pot, a small bag of soil, and regular watering. There you go, you helped cooling the earth down by one plant.

-Noora Ahmed Alsuwaidi

Landscaping is a kind of art that combines the aesthetics of a house with the natural beauty of the landscape. There’s a lot of space for innovation in this game! Here are some things to keep in mind while you’re designing your new home’s landscaping or renewing an existing one.



The extremes of your selected climate are taken into consideration in good landscape design. Planning your new home’s landscaping will be easier when you know how the weather in your location changes over time.

Are there any plants that you’ve purchased from a gardening store that have died after a few months? The culprit is often the weather. It might be difficult to maintain many of the plants and trees you see in the greenhouse since they are not native to your area. Plant selection is heavily influenced by the local climate.

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Everyone in the family should be able to enjoy the yard. People of various ages and abilities are included. Even folks who need wheelchairs and other support equipment enjoy spending time outside!

Landscaping your new house should take accessibility into account. Your visitors will be able to appreciate your new yard if the walkways and surfaces are well-groomed and level.



Climate and accessibility are two of the most important considerations when designing your new home’s landscape.

Maintainance, however, is the single most important component. More mowing is required for a larger lawn. Pruning, weeding, and watering a large garden needs a greater amount of time and effort. Consider the amount of time and work you’re willing to put in to maintain the beauty of your landscape.

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