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Benefits of adding Wood Chips under trees

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Adding wood chips under the tree has many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

However, it is important to aerate the root zone before adding wood chips to your garden and trees.

This improves oxygenation and leaching in the roots. You will see more growth when there is

more oxygen. Our team at RDK Landscaping mulch services has written a guide on how you can use wood chips in your garden.

Where to put the wood shavings

Trees have many benefits, but there are right and wrong ways to use them. If used incorrectly, it can harm your tree instead of helping it. This can happen when excessive amounts accumulate around trees, roots, and trunks. A piece of wood should not be in contact with the trunk for an extended period of time. Moisture will remain in the chips, eventually causing the wood to rot. If not detected in time, the end result is death.

A sign of rotting and decay are fruiting bodies or fungi. It is important to keep a close eye on your tree to monitor these indicators. To avoid this situation, distribute the chips evenly and carefully around the roots. Remove 1 to 2 inches of chips from the trunk. 

When applied correctly; you will see your tree flourishing and prospering. Moisture retention and gradual organic leaching will keep it healthy and vibrant.

Soil compaction

Soil compaction can have a huge impact on trees. This is a problem that many landscape architects often overlook. Factors such as walking, heavy rain, construction, and the use of heavy machinery contribute to soil compaction. If the soil is too compact, things like water and nutrients cannot saturate the soil. As a result, the soil demineralizes and dries out. When this happens, the roots of the tree struggle to break through the soil, and the tree becomes stressed.

Avoid soil compaction

If the tree is left in compacted soil, it will eventually die. If you are building in your yard, one way to prevent this is to establish a Tree Protection Zone (TPZ). Fences are used to create impenetrable barriers for heavy machinery and equipment. When heavy machinery is used, this creates a heavily compacted soil and is known to trample roots.

Using wood chips is a great way to help your garden thrive. However, it is very important to use it correctly. Otherwise, you’ll end up hurting the tree instead of helping it. If you are in need of Buffalo tree care services, 

please do not hesitate to call RDK Landscaping mulch services

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