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After receiving a lawn care treatment, can I safely let my dog out on the lawn?

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As few harsh chemicals as possible are used by RDK LANDSCAPING. With the help of our Eco-Pride lawn care system, your lawn will be thicker and the soil will be more balanced, requiring fewer products to maintain a weed-free, healthy yard.

Nevertheless, we employ a wide range of organic and synthetic solutions to get your grass in shape. In order to keep your children and pets safe, what do you need to know about lawn care treatments?

Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Allows Pets

Can I let my dog on my grass after it has been treated? is a common query we receive.

For the majority of regular treatments, the short answer is yes, although some target applications call for waiting until the lawn is dry.

In the event that there are any particular instructions, your lawn care specialist will keep you informed. We advise pet owners to wait until the application is dry to minimise potential interaction

To minimise possible interaction, we advise pet owners to wait until the application is dry.

Pet owners can minimise exposure by delaying treatment until it is completely dry since moist pet paws are more likely to carry a product. We like to err on the side of caution whenever possible.

The Eco-Pride Lawn Treatments Are Safe For Children

Your children might not always play outside as much as your pets, who need to go outside multiple times every day. The same guidelines apply to youngsters. Avoiding the lawn while the application is moist will decrease the chance of contact. Instead of blanket spraying the entire lawn every time, we spot-treat issues with the lawn with low-volume sprays over most of the year. Another technique to use fewer items while still achieving amazing results is this way.

Our Earth-Friendly Lawn Care Programs Are Our Eco-Pride

We use organic fertilisers with our Eco-Friendly system, which is advantageous to the soil’s natural microorganisms. The Eco-Friendly system controls weeds while improving the health of your lawn.
As a result, strong plants will grow in properly mineralized, nutritious soil, which will also naturally lessen weeds, insects, and diseases. The turf thickens and the weeds are stifled when the soil is balanced.

Local lawn maintenance services

Finding lawn care specialists is simple with our platform because it manages all aspects of lawn care services. Through the site, scheduling and comments are both handled. We can assist you whether you lack the time or simply don’t enjoy taking care of your grass.

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