Transform your outdoor space into a cozy winter

Transform your outdoor space into a cozy winter rdk landscaping buffalo ny

If you live in a temperate climate, here are a few tips to help you stay warm and comfortable and enjoy the days and evenings on your front porch or patio. While it’s certainly true that sitting on a patio in the middle of winter isn’t realistic in some parts of the world, for those […]

Why Fencing for your property?

Adding wood chips under the tree has many benefits. Some of these benefits include: Maintain soil moisture. Leach nutrients as they break down over time. Suffocation of weeds and invasive plants. However, it is important to aerate the root zone before adding wood chips to your garden and trees. This improves oxygenation and leaching in […]

When is the best time to book a tree removal service in Buffalo?

Trees are an integral part of our environment and provide numerous benefits to our site, such asshade, fresh air and beautiful scenery. However, there are times when trees need to be removed fora variety of reasons, including disease, structural damage, and overcrowding. If you need toremove a tree from your property, it is important to […]

Low mulch creates magic in the garden

Low mulch creation

Low mulch creates magic in the garden Find out why you should mulch your garden beds and what materials are right for your site. Almost all gardening experts recommend using mulch around new and existing plants, but why? Mulching has many benefits for your garden, but it can also cause problems if used incorrectly. In […]

When is early spring for lawn care?

when is early spring for lawn care - 1_RDK Landscape

If This Spring, When Should You Aerate Your Lawn? When your grass is actively growing, it should be aerated. Considerably straightforward, wouldn’t you say? It is a little trickier, though, because different varieties of grass have different active growing phases. Both spring and fall are the best periods to aerate cool-season grasses. For warm-season grasses, […]

Emergency 24/7 Snow Removal

Emergency Services When is it appropriate to hire professionals to remove snow from your property? Everyone enjoys seeing a dazzling white blanket covering everything within eyesight when thetemperature drops for winter, including your backyard, the mailbox in front, the car, and the driveway oryou might be the kind that tolerates snow because you have to. […]

Landscaping with Flowers : Four Fantastic Methods

How to plan and design a spectacular floral landscape that will make everyone envious. It is possible to create a spectacular floral landscape that is so breathtaking it receives admiration from passersby and neighbors. Plan and design a floral landscape before planting flowers. Here are a few steps to plan and design your floral landscape. […]

Landscaping Services

Gardener Trims Bushes And Cuts Hedges

Once the ground has thawed and the hard frost warning dates have passed, many of us can’t wait to get elbow-deep in the rich, good earth. For many, Just this will be more than enough to soothe the soul and begin to create the beauty we all want in our outdoor spaces! 1. Lawn Care […]

Creativity In Landscaping

Creative Backyard Garden

As , creativity fuels most things that we do in life. Whether we are creative with our food, how we decorate our homes, or how we put together our wardrobe, there is an element of creativity that comes into play. Another extension of being creative that we love is landscaping and gardening. famously quoted as […]