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Why Fencing for your property?

For security and privacy or a sweet backdrop for begonias, a fence in your garden or yard is the finishing touch.

Fences can come in almost any material and configuration. From the plain but very comfortable white picket fence to the elegance of wrought iron, the fence extends the architecture of the house to the edge of the building. So, just as a white picket fence wouldn’t look out of place in an entire villa, a nice wrought iron fence wouldn’t look out of place in front of a home.

Fences also have very specific functional requirements. They can separate, connect, define, enhance and single out. Acoustic noise can also be mitigated. To achieve these goals, fences can be open and decorative like picket fences or sturdy and tall like corrugated metal fences.

The style, material, and type of fence that’s right for your home depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Don’t forget to make sure your proposed fencing complies with local codes and ordinances.

The picket fence is what we associate with America’s small town and colonial roots. Best fence in front of Cape Cod and Colonial style home.

Because picket fences are tall and visually opaque, they are often used to define edges or corners and to create backgrounds. Therefore, a fence is more suitable for the front yard. A front yard can enhance curb appeal and form the backdrop for all your colorful summer flowers.

The board fence consists of vertical posts and horizontal boards. Less fussy and stylish than its picket fence cousins, board fences are the perfect choice for larger buildings. The spacing of the boards determines the transparency of the fence. Here, the gaps are far apart, allowing the construction of houses to pass through.

This type of fence functions much like a picket fence in that it defines an edge. It also provides the perfect place to sit on a hot summer day.

Split rail fences are the unpretentious cousin of board fences. They are most often found in rural areas where it is desirable to define the edges of a property and to shape garden spaces. Made from hand-hewn wood and naturally weathering, split-rail fences have a back-to-nature charm that engineered materials don’t seize.

A favorite type of split-rail fence is found in many rural areas where chevrons are arranged, such as here in Buffalo.

A good security metal fence can range from the simple to the very ornate and showcases the skill and expertise of a metal blacksmith. Often not finished in black, these fences tend to almost disappear, making them ideal if you want a fence for security but don’t want something visually dominant.

Barbed wire is ideal when a lot of transparency is required. Just the opposite of what I expected. Fencing is transparent. Gates are solid. This fence establishes a strong connection from one side to the other.

Slate wood fences are ideal for backyards. Because these fences not only enclose and define the space, but also provide some privacy. Suitable for all styles from colonial to modern.

A nice feature of the slate wood fence is that you can change the size of the slats. Heavy at the bottom, lighter and thinner at the top, this fence is an eye-catching architectural element in itself.

Trellis fences are ideal when more screens and less fencing are required. Like silk fabrics, fences do not provide much security or privacy. Perfect for all occasions where edges and backgrounds are needed.

Solid wood beams and a rail fence with corrugated infill make a striking presence. And the plantings certainly soften the hedge, creating a nice combination of texture and color. It combines a clean, modern aesthetic with soft, aged materials, making it ideal for transitional or contemporary architecture. And these fences are excellent at providing privacy and security.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion to find a fencing professional for your home since they know which materials and styles can complement your space. I have a friend who wants to try beautifying his home exterior this year. We should probably start by investing in new fences when we meet again.

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