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Fall Gardening Tips

Fall is the time to give your garden plants and trees some loving care to help them survive the cold of winter. Cooler nights and warmer days mean the soil has enough moisture and warmth for planting and transplanting.

Plant seedlings of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beetroot, winter lettuce, parsley, chives and rosemary in your food garden. If you don’t plan on using a vegetable garden, try sowing blue lupine seeds or mustard seeds. Great for improving soil structure and adding nutrients to the soil naturally. Fall is also a good season for planting fruit trees. It grows well in well-drained and sunny locations.

Lawn care. I have kept my lawn well maintained by mowing it regularly during the summer. Autumn is the season to scrape it well and stab it with a fork to remove the air. This will relieve pressure and remove the warm cast. Fertilize your lawn to help it absorb the nutrients it needs to survive the cold season.

Protect your most vulnerable plants and trees. As fall progresses, cover tender plants and young trees with fleece. It is best to do this before winter. Smaller plants can be moved into the greenhouse and the greenhouse itself must be cleaned to maximize the light coming in. Late fall is also a good time to put mulch around tree roots to protect them from winter frost.

Trim your hedges. Fall is a good time to trim your hedges to prevent them from rotting. Please reduce it sufficiently. Cutting back too much can leave holes in your hedge, and growth will be minimal during the colder months, leaving it looking bare all winter.

If you want to maintain your home’s street appeal, consider getting a hedge trimmer. Contact our team  of experienced arborists today to book your hedge trimming service and get help preparing for winter.

Organize. Have you planted a storm in your kitchen garden, but now it’s not worth it? Fall is the time to remove dead plants and clean up debris and weeds. Gather fall leaves and trim the edges of lawns and garden beds. Leaves left on the ground can suffocate and damage fallen grass or plants.

Pruning trees. There are many reasons to prune trees. This will help improve the health and appearance of your tree and remove dead or dying branches. It can even promote crop growth in fruit trees. Tree pruning requires special equipment, especially tall trees. Contact our team of qualified arborists  who are trained and equipped to perform the job safely.

Composting. A natural fertilizer that is great for your garden, trees and plants. It is also much more cost-effective to make your own compost than to buy it. Composting is also a great way to put leaves and plant trimmings to good use.

As summer draws to a close, early fall is also a good time to store outdoor furniture and clean garden tools. Come winter, gardeners can take a relaxing break from gardening. But be careful. It will soon be time to start again.

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