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Great Grasses for Your New Lawn

How to Plant New Grass in Your LawnHow to Plant New Grass in Your Lawn

Want to get a new lawn started quickly? Whether you’ve recently built a home and need a lawn to match, or simply want to create a fresh lawn for your current home, starting a lawn from sod is a fairly easy project for the average homeowner. But like most things, you need to know a few tricks to get the healthy lawn you want, so follow these guidelines.

Depending on where you live, you can lay turf almost year-round if the weather is mild enough. However, spring and fall are generally the best times. This is because roots develop better when temperatures are mild and there is a greater chance of rain. To find out the best time to lay sod in your landscaping, consult a professional in your area.

Why start a lawn from sod?
✓ Want instant gratification.
✓ You want grass species that do not grow easily from seed.
✓ Install a new lawn as early as possible in the spring, summer, and fall those who live in warm climates can install sod throughout the fall, while those who live in cold climates should install sod early in the season.
✓ You have a big lawn budget. Grass is sold individually or on pallets, and prices vary greatly depending on the type of grass. If you install it yourself, plan to spend 8 to 30 cents per square foot.

How to plant grass

Prepare the land. Properly prepare the area before laying sod. Improper soil preparation can cause
your lawn to become lumpy and uneven, creating more than just aesthetic problems. An uneven
lawn can lead to an unhealthy lawn due to poor drainage, and an uneven lawn surface can cause
trips and falls.

Select your lawn and place your order. Obtain recommendations from your local extension office regarding proposed turf types for your area. Many warm season grasses are suitable for installation using sod strips or rolls, but other types of grass are better started from seed. If you have a small space to work with, you can purchase small quantities of lawn chips or rolls from your local home improvement or landscaping supply store. If you need larger quantities, you will need to order from your turf supplier. Plan to lay the turf the day it is delivered.

Lay down the grass. Once the land is ready, lay out the grass patches along a straight line, such as a driveway or sidewalk. Firmly press the joints of the turf pieces, making sure there are no overlaps or gaps, and stagger the pieces like stacking bricks. Use a sharp carpet knife to cut out any irregularly shaped sections or cut pieces to fit around the irrigation head or plants, lay the lawn and water within 20 minutes.

Establish a lawn mowing and watering schedule. During the first week
after laying your new lawn, water it 4 times, 1 inch deep each time, and
mow the lawn 6 to 7 days later. Water three times

Additional lawn tips
✓ Always ask about shipping costs when ordering turf.

✓ After the sod has been laid or rolled, it can be rolled using a sod roller, which is a water- filled drum that is rolled over the sod to ensure that the roots are in good contact with the soil. Installation is possible even without grass, but it may take a little more time.
✓ Avoid walking for the first two to three weeks until your new lawn develops a good root structure.
✓ Avoid crowded places, strenuous activities, or very strenuous activities, such as walking your dog, for the next one to two weeks.
✓ Gather more specific information and recommendations about lawn care in your area and the specific type of turf grass to be laid, as well as a more accurate sod-laying schedule.

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