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How to Choose Mulch – Why Your Soil Wants Mulch

There is more to topdressing than chopped wood. Learn about cover types, costs, and design  considerations here. 

The word “mulch” is used almost exclusively as a descriptive name for commonly chopped wood  or bark products. In fact, mulch is an umbrella term for any product organic or inorganic that serves  as the top layer of soil. 

Applying a 2- to 4-inch layer of mulch throughout the planting bed helps conserve soil moisture,  stabilize soil temperature, reduce soil erosion, reduce soil compaction, and prevent weed growth.  Mulch also contributes to landscape design by reflecting color choices, local influences, and  artistic expression. 

There are two categories of mulch: organic and inorganic. This product can be used alone, with or  without a landscape fabric underlayment. Landscape fabric keeps weeds at bay and prevents  inorganic mulch from settling in the soil. However, landscape fabric is not effective in dense areas. 

Organic mulch 

Organic mulch is typically a wood product, such as pine needles or bark, shredded cedar, aspen  chips, arborist’s tree trimmings, or materials such as recycled Christmas trees. However, compost,  lawn clippings, nut shells, corn cobs, and even seashells are ideal for this purpose.

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