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How to Install Landscaping Fabric Under Rocks

install Landscaping Fabric Under Rocks rdk landscaping

Have you thought about cremating your lawn? Using rocks in your landscape is a great way to highlight certain features and beautify your yard. Stones add contrast and texture and stand the test of time. It also holds up well in a variety of weather conditions and can withstand heavy traffic, making it an ideal option for homeowners looking to add low-maintenance features. Additionally, water can slowly seep into the ground through rocks and stones, giving the soil more time to absorb the water, reducing the risk of runoff and ground erosion.

Whether you want to create a stone garden or a gravel path, consider installing landscape fabric in the rocks. Sheet-like coverings that can be made from linen, polypropylene, polyester or recycled materials, which have many advantages when used in landscaping projects.

If you’re not sure how to install landscaping fabric under rocks, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created an easy-to-follow guide to explain the purpose and process of installing landscape fabric under rocks so that your ideal stone landscaping is within reach!

What is the purpose of landscape fabric?

Landscape fabrics can be perforated, woven or non-woven. It comes in roll form so you can easily unfold it where you want.

Woven landscape fabrics are typically made from polypropylene or linen materials and are often used around trees and shrubs. Perforated and woven fabrics are ideal for use in vegetable gardens or flower beds as the tiny pores allow water, moisture, nutrients and oxygen to reach the soil. However, the best landscape fabrics for rocks are non-woven.

Here are some of the key benefits of placing landscape fabric under rocks

✓ Creates a barrier to keep rocks from sinking into the ground.
✓ Maintains air and water flow to minimize drainage issues.
✓ Prevents weed growth between stones for about 2 years.
✓ It effectively controls ground erosion caused by wind and rain.
✓ It helps retain soil moisture for nearby plants and trees by reducing evaporation.
✓ Stones can be easily removed and repositioned as needed.

Along with its many benefits, installing landscape fabric is a relatively simple task that can save you time and effort in the long run. However, proper preparation for the project is essential. You need the right type and size of fabric along with the tools you need to do the job right.

Selection of landscape fabric and collection tools for installation

Non-woven fabric adds stability and is great for weed control under stones. Non-woven are best for gravel paths, rock gardens, or areas that do not require frequent watering. Spun landscape fabric is a great choice for placement behind walkways, gravel mulches, and even retaining walls. 

You can purchase landscaping fabric for rocks at most home improvement, hardware, and garden supply stores. Before purchasing, measure the area you want to cover so the fabric doesn’t fall off. Visiting a second store in the middle of an installation project is no fun. You can always get a refund for unopened packages.

You will need to gather stones and the right tools along with your landscaping fabric. If you want to use larger stones, add a small amount of gravel to protect the fabric and keep the layer thin.

Note: Smooth and round stones work best because they won’t puncture or tear the landscape fabric. Enlist the help of a friend or family member if you plan to install heavy stones. An extra set of hands would come in handy.

Other tools and supplies needed to install landscaping fabric under rocks include

✓ Bow rake
✓ Garden hoe
✓ Scissors or utility knife
✓ Hammer or rubber mallet
✓ Landscape staples
✓ Edge material

Once you have your cloth, stones, tools, aids and other materials ready, it is important to prepare the area for good results.

Landscaping preparation

The first thing you should do is remove existing weeds from your landscaping. It can be pulled out by hand, hoe, or other means. Remove it from the root so it doesn’t grow back. Herbicides can be used, but be careful not to spray nearby plants or grass.

Once weeds are removed, use a rake to remove excess twigs, stones, bark and other debris. Then use a rake-to-rake small hills or high places in the soil. The goal is to create a flat, solid area on the floor to lay the fabric on. Also, holes or low ground must be filled. It’s best to start on a flat surface. If your soil looks like it needs a little extra care, add soil improvers like compost and fertilizers.

Horizontal cloth installation

Starting at the area to be covered, unfold the first sheet of cross fabric. Cut the fabric to be used with a utility knife. Then roll it out and overlap the rest of the sheets. This way there are no gaps or exposed soil on the site. If you plan to add existing plants to your site, use a utility knife to cut an “X” out of the fabric.

Next, secure the fabric to the floor using landscaping staples. Drive staples or nails into the ground with a mallet or hammer at 8 to 12-inch intervals along the edges of the fabric.

Create a stone landscape

Before placing the stone on the fabric, set up a border of your choice to create a border around it. Tuck the fabric under the rim, then place the stones or rocks you want to use. Protect your landscape fabric by stacking rocks and adding gravel. Scrape the stones to evenly distribute them. Make sure there are no visible parts of the fabric.

Start your landscape fabric project today!

Now that you know how to properly lay out your landscaping fabric, you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of landscaping with rocks. If you have any questions about rock landscape fabric, contact RDKLandscaping nearest you. Our experts are happy to help with landscape fabric installation and all of your lawn care and landscaping needs. We offer a range of services to keep your property in top condition throughout the year. Contact us 716) 710-0390 today! We will provide you with a free estimate.

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