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How to make the most of your enclosed patio

enclosed patio by rdk landscaping

These ideas for seating, surfaces, and storage will help you enjoy every inch of your outdoor space.

Patios are often small, so it’s a good idea to approach them like a room in your home, looking at flooring, paint colors, and seating to create an inviting outdoor space. Take a look at these ideas for maximizing space and light.

Make everything bright

The sunken courtyard can be a bit dark at times. To brighten a space, paint surfaces light colors and use a green and white palette for plants. Consider choosing brightly colored pavers to help your furniture and plants stand out. Neat furniture also helps keep the space bright. Designed by RDKhardscaping , this patio features a built-in floating bench that provides a view into the space below, helping the space feel as spacious as possible.

 Make it cozy

The sheltered nature of a courtyard garden offers the possibility of extending time spent outdoors. Take advantage of the cozy seating area and add some warmth with a fire pit. RDKHardscaping  designed this patio features a seating area surrounded by evergreens for a secluded feel year-round.

 Peripheral device design

Arranging seating around the perimeter creates a central area for a small patio, creating an airy feel. A built-in bench can also be used as valuable storage space to maximize space. Consider tiered planters behind the seats to grow a variety of plants, including climbers, to add height and create a lush feel.

 Add a living canopy

If you want to plant a tree in a small area, try using umbrella specimens. The branches eventually intertwine to form a canopy, creating a secluded feel for al fresco dining. There are four plum trees planted in this square. The branches create a canopy over the table, providing shade and an intimate feel to the dining area.

Amazing trees for patios and small spaces

  Look at the sky

Maximize your patio space by installing an overhead structure where plants can grow. In this underground courtyard by RDKHardscaping, the open space above resembles a large skylight. Ceiling trellises provide a place for vines to roam. Adding hanging lanterns creates a space that resembles an indoor garden room.

 Plant vertically

If you want to add some greenery to your small outdoor space, try growing plants on walls or fences. You can do this by hanging potted plants, growing vines on a trellis, or adding a living wall. In this small patio from RDKHardscaping, plants growing against the wall provide the

benefits of a garden while freeing up floor space for dining and lounging.


  Leave space for play

It is often possible to create a play area for young children, even in small spaces. In this garden, RDKHardscaping incorporated a sandbox into a cedar deck. It can be covered when not in use. Using soft materials underfoot, like the deck seen here, combined with pebbles and sculptural plants to bring energy and life to the space.

Act big and bold

Plants with large leaves in a small area may seem counterintuitive. This is because it’s easy to assume that larger leaves will make the area feel smaller. But the opposite may be true. Bold plants can add valuable height and shape while giving your patio a sense of isolation. Combine different jungle-style plants and team them with dark walls to add drama.

Create a curve

Patio design doesn’t have to be limited to straight lines. The space’s curved paving and walls surround tables and chairs designed by (Add Company Name). This focus encourages people to use the garden as another room. Connect circular elements by adding round plants, such as globose trimmed boxwood and wild hydrangea ‘Annabelle’.

Please tell us: Do you have a patio garden? Share your ideas and photos in the comments section.

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