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Little Gem Lawn: Less grass and more effect

Instead of leaving your lawn wide open, why not add a stylish design element to your yard? You  can enjoy both practicality and aesthetics.
The backyard lawn is often the background music to the garden and an understated foil for flower borders, trees and shrubs. But today, people are rethinking the idea of wall-to-wall, inexplicable lawns. Not only are large lawns environmentally wasteful in terms of the water and other resources needed to maintain them, they can also be visually wasteful.

The key to today’s smart lawn is designing the lawn with specific visual elements that interact and balance with other elements of the yard, such as garden landscaping and flower bed planting. Lawn used in this way adds meaning and is practical as well as sculptural.

As you can see in the following examples, utilizing geometry and an artist’s eye can help create a focal point in your yard, mark a space for play or entertainment, or create a delightful meditation on cool, peaceful greenery. A sculptural lawn can be made from any number of grasses, including grasses from specific areas that require less maintenance. Even with caution and a little ingenuity, limiting your backyard lawn will increase its impact rather than diminish its value.
Set into a bed as another planting element, these round lawns are eye-catching and seemingly conceived from benches placed outside the perimeter. This type of lawn can be maintained precisely using a brush trimmer or a regular lawn mower, depending on the type of grass being used.

A round lawn can be the stage for such play, or it can be a gathering place around a round fire pit that acts as a circle within a circle.

This geometric lawn is part of a green tapestry that includes geometrically planted beds.

If you want the look of grass but without the maintenance, artificial grass can be a good substitute.

The angular geometry of this lawn tracks the angle of the patio and tall planters, allowing the plants to bring bright green flecks that echo against the cool white walls and walkway.

Not everyone has space for a dramatic checkerboard lawn, but the impact is significant. In this garden, the lawn and paving stones are arranged alternately at the same height, making lawn mowing easy.

This includes using a chessboard lawn with giant chess pieces to transition one area of the garden into another.

Playing with lawn geometry can have surprising effects. Here, the hard-laid lawn is separated by areas of pavers that are “grouted” with grass.

The visual impact increases as the lawn becomes a design element on hardscaping with natural landscapes, trees, shrubs, and rocks.

Set against a backdrop of wood chip mulch, this playful lawn is artistic eye candy that brings life to an ordinary lawn.

Your lawn can become a living sculpture. This concentric circle effect is achieved by setting the mower at various cutting heights.

Simply dividing a large lawn with pavers can add visual impact to a large lawn.

Even the smallest lawn can be powerful. Here, homeowners use stones or concrete to create lawn “pavers”.

In this yard, where a river of dark green grass flows between stone floors, you can see the visual cooling effect of the grass.

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