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Local lawn mowing services

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Lawn Mowing Tips

An attractive and healthier lawn is one that has been properly mowed. In addition to being more robust and better able to fend off weeds, insects, and illnesses, a lawn that has been regularly mowed also has deeper roots and thicker grass.
Mistakes in mowing can cause the lawn to become severely damaged, develop dark areas, and have its tips turn a different color. Mowing too seldom and cutting grass too short are common errors. Here are some pointers for using good mowing techniques:

Stop Scalping

Scalping is the process of letting the grass grow tall before cutting more than half of the leaf blade, which might harm the lawn. By cutting through the plant’s crown, extremely low grass trimming can potentially harm the lawn.

Sharpen Blades

For clean cuts, make sure the mower blades are sharp. Because frayed grass blades lose moisture quickly, dull blades can create yellowing at the tips of the grass and shred it. Several times during each growing season, sharpen or replace the blades on rotary mowers. Reel type mowers typically only need one annual sharpening; nevertheless, they should be adjusted to maintain a clean cut. Some grass species have hardy blades, which hasten blade deterioration.

local lawn mowing services

Treat damaged grass with care.

Mow a lawn that is regrowing after being damaged by drought, insects, or disease by raising the mower height by one or two notches.

Avoid cutting wet or wilted grass.

Cutting wet grass might result in brown spots because the clippings cluster and smother your lawn, causing brown patches. Cutting wilted grass can seriously harm your lawn, especially if you do it during the hottest time of the day.

Find out when to mow

The growth of your lawn is the best indicator of how often you should mow. Plan to only mow the top third of the grass blade each time. Remember that some grasses need to be mowed closely to maintain their health. Overgrowth of these grasses will encourage the formation of thatch.

You missed a mowing, then?

Lawns could need to be mowed as frequently as once per week when they are growing quickly. We simply don’t always have the time to mow as frequently as we’d like. Set your mower to a higher mowing level if your grass has gotten too high. Reset the mower to the standard height once a week has passed and mow your lawn once more.


Height of Mowing

Pick the ideal mower setting for your lawn. After cutting a very small area of grass, measure the grass plants and then make any required adjustments to your mower. Always cut your lawn at the suggested height.
A healthy warm-season grass will tolerate lower cutting heights more often in the warmer months because leaf development is at its peak from October to April, but cutting heights should be increased in the cooler months to promote photosynthesis.

After spraying, mow the lawn.

The grass shouldn’t be mowed for at least 24 hours after the application, or until it has been watered or it has rained and dried, in order to ensure the application’s effectiveness and reduce exposure.

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