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Need To Clear Leaves From Your Yard?

Clear Leaves Yard

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing, and we already have pumpkins in our hearts.  In short, autumn is here! You may be wondering when a tree starts to lose its leaves. Need to rake  leaves? Consider some scenarios that might apply and suggestions for dealing with each. 

When to rake leaves?
If you want to grow foliage in your lawn, here’s what you need to know:

  • ✓ Local ordinances may apply – Some city and community HOAs have rules for removing leaves to keep things tidy. In this case, you should plan to clean your yard. Failure to do so may result in fines.
  • ✓ Lawns may be damaged – Many people are raking fallen leaves because littering chokes the grass, introduces pests and diseases, blocks water and nutrients, and prevents new blades of grass from growing next spring. These problems can show up under thick layers of gravel, but you don’t have to worry about removing all the foliage to protect your lawn.
  • ✓ The leaves can cause other problems – In addition to threatening lawn health, leaves can clog gutters and storm drains, dirty wood floors and make sidewalks slippery.
Alternatives to raking leaves 
If you don’t want to drop leaves, but don’t want to rake them or use a leaf blower, try these  alternatives. 
Trim the leaves: Wait until the leaves are crisp. Then hit it with your lawn mower. (If the leaf  litter is more than a few inches deep, you may need to scrape it off a bit first.) Trimming the leaves  will break them up into smaller pieces to help protect and feed the grass. This option comes without  a bag. 
Make leaves into mulch: A thin layer of leaves on your lawn is fine, but fallen leaves are also  perfect mulch material. Moving chopped leaves is as easy as placing them in a bag while mowing  or using the vacuum kit that came with your leaf blower. After bagging, spread the leaves around  trees and flower beds to add nutrients to the soil. 
Composting Leaves: Whether you blow, rake, or clip your leaves, consider bagging and adding  them to your compost pile. The leaves do not compost on their own. It needs regular turning, the  right amount of moisture and other organic material. If you’re interested in this option, read more  about composting basics here
Never mind the leaves: what if you live in the countryside and don’t have a real lawn? Or does  your city require you to remove leaves from your property? In this case, you can assume you don’t  care about the shape of the leaves and decide to leave them alone. However, if the leaves are not  removed, they can suffocate the grass below. When the leaves are finally blown away or cleaned  up, you’ll see a thinning lawn or worse, spring dirt. If your lawn needs a makeover, RDK Landscaping can provide both. 

Get fall cleaning assistance 

Raking leaves can be a hassle, but leaving them alone can have negative consequences.  Fortunately, with the help of RDK Landscaping, you can have the best of both worlds. We take  care of defoliation and other fall cleaning by freeing up more time to do the things you love.  Contact us +1 716-710-0390 today for a free job quote.

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