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Ornamental grasses in garden

ornamental garsses by rdk landscaping

How to properly care for trees in late summer and early fall

A low-maintenance lawn adds beauty and movement to your garden.

If you haven’t encountered it yet, let me introduce you to ornamental plants. These plants come in many varieties and are very low maintenance when grown natively and planted in the right microclimate. Grass not only adds ground cover and an interesting shape to your landscape.

Adding wind provides movement and sound. To find the best varieties for your project, we
recommend visiting your local botanical garden , taking notes, and asking independent nurseries in your area for recommended varieties.

Mexican feathergrass planted at regular intervals provides low amber waves right next to the patio. I’ll admit it. I like composition, so I chose a photo with a mix of rabbit tail grass and kangaroo paw. You can see the entire front yard in the following photo.

The grass here has replaced the typical American front lawn. This is an environmentally friendly choice because one of the largest sources of nonpoint source pollution in the United States is lawns (e.g., fertilizer runoff during storms). This entire site is a mix of local and modern architecture.

Mexican feather grass looks like it was plucked from a large agricultural wheat field and sticks out in crisp rectangular shapes cut into the deck. This is a really clever move that helps set the tone for this modern, barn-inspired building.

Another way to maintain the wild look of your lawn is to use planters. Here we scale the planters and lawn to create strong lines and provide a screen separating the two outdoor spaces.

Here we use potted grass sedges to create another strong line. The shape of each clump of grass provides a nice contrast with all the straight lines, but still adds a vertical element that accentuates
the wall.

The grasses here offer very different geometries, rounded mounds and unexpected silvery green colors. RDK Landscaping  I used Festuca ‘Elijah Blue’ in the foreground, and beyond the gravel oval there was green oat grass and Berkeley sedge.

These containers filled with grass create an incredible sight when viewed from above. The
landscape architect was inspired by the surrounding wetland grasses and added them to the plantpalette. They connect the built parts of the landscape with the natural environment.

This yard is absolutely stunning and functional, but looks nothing like a typical American lawn. Tall feather reed grass adds height and color to this built landscape.

Mexican feather grass was chosen here for its structural simplicity and ease of maintenance. The built part of this landscape is set in beautiful meadows undulating with grass and wildflowers. Using tall wild grasses just beyond the edge that this low stone wall provides can create an even more dramatic effect, as the wall appears to be the only thing completely set between the patio and the plants.

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