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Plant the right tree

plant the right tree

Planting a tree and learning about proper tree care is an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only  does it have a therapeutic effect for many people, it also releases the oxygen we need to breathe.  It also protects several animals such as squirrels and birds. 

However, two decisions must be made before planting trees. What trees to plant and where to plant  them. This alone is an important decision that requires careful planning. 

Here are some tips to help you plant the best trees for your area. 

Use the right soil 

Landscape planning should take into account the type of soil present in the anticipated location.  Bad soil prevents trees from surviving. Arborists have experience identifying different soil types  and can help determine differences between them, including: 

  • Mountain 
  • Drought tolerant 
  • Good quality 
  • Alkalinity 
  • Moist 
  • The rich 
  • Boy names 
  • Silt loam 
  • Well drained 
  • Wet 
  • Wide range 
  • Clay 

Consider sun exposure

Sun exposure is one of the most important components of tree care. Availability and competition  with other plants for sunlight affects the ability of seedlings to grow. Therefore, when deciding  where to plant a tree, consider how much sunlight the plant will receive. 

There are three types of sun exposure to consider: full sun, partial sun, and full shade. Some trees  grow well in full sun exposure, while others are better suited to full shade. 

Choose the right tree species 

There are many species to choose from, but you should choose the type that best suits your  environment. Before deciding which tree to plant, you need to know the type of soil, amount of  sunlight exposure, and temperament of the landscape. 

Another aspect to consider is whether there are any fallen leaves. Most are grown in climates where  they can experience all four seasons. The main tree types you can choose from are:

  • Evergreen 
  • Evergreen shrub 
  • Fruit 
  • For decoration 
  • Flowering 
  • Nut 
  • Shade 
  • Shrubs 

Other properties to consider 

Tree care consists of a number of considerations prior to making a reservation. Otherwise, the  plants will not survive or will be difficult to care for. 

Some things to consider before planting are: 

  • Pollinator 
  • Good for wildlife 
  • Good for privacy 

Consult an arborist to learn more about a particular species and to determine if it is suitable for  that species. 


When the planted seedlings are fully grown, you need to make sure they don’t collide with  anything. Height affects sunlight competition and drought survivability. 


The spread includes the width at which the branches grow. The canopy spread, sometimes called  the crown, is the uppermost part composed of branches, stems, and leaves. 

Growth rate 

Growth rate is the time it takes for a seedling to grow to its maximum height. Slow-growing trees  tend to live longer than fast-growing trees. 

Start planting 

After considering all of these locations and tree characteristics, you are ready to choose the right  seeds for planting. Understanding why you’re interested in doing this job will help you choose the  right type. 

Speak with an arborist for additional information to ensure the best experience on your tree care  journey. 


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