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Problems with laying turf over existing turf

You may be wondering how to lay sod over your existing lawn, and it’s easy to see the appeal. After all, why go through the trouble of tearing down the old turf when you can put in the new turf? However, there are some serious problems with this method.

Here we review what these issues are and give you some helpful tips for laying your lawn the right way.

Do not touch the roots
This may not be the answer you want to hear, but if you want good results, ask “can I put sod over the existing lawn?” Always no. One of the most important reasons not to lay sod over existing sod is that when you place sod over existing sod, the roots of the sod will not touch the soil below. This means that the grass will have a hard time taking root and may eventually start to die. To avoid this problem, the roots of the grass should be in contact with the soil. Remove old sod before sowing. This will successfully launch the new zone.
Dead grass
Another problem with putting sod over existing sod is that it greatly increases the chances of the grass dying. If the grass cannot reach the soil, it cannot get enough water to survive. Old grass is a particular problem when there is a thick layer of thatch. Thatch prevents new grass from getting the nutrients it needs to survive. To avoid this problem, the turf must be in direct contact with the soil below.
Drainage problem
Unlike conventional lawns, new lawns have different drainage requirements. If you plant your lawn without pre-preparing the soil, the new lawn will compete with the old lawn for water. This can lead to drainage problems and eventually kill your new lawn. To avoid this problem, make sure the soil is well prepared before laying the new sod. This means removing any obstructions to drainage, such as stones or roots.
Uneven appearance
The last major problem with laying sod over existing sod is that it can be uneven in shape. The reason for this is that when new turf is placed on top of old turf, the difference in height becomes noticeable. If the new grass survives, it will most likely result in a bumpy surface that will be
difficult to walk on, let alone mow. To avoid unsightly high or low spots, prepare the soil by removing existing sod, then place the sod level as possible to the ground. The result is a green, flat lawn that looks good and is safer for regular use.

Best time to lay the lawn

The good news when it comes to laying your lawn is that you have some flexibility. You can start laying your lawn when the weather is warm ideally spring, summer, and in some areas, fall. The key to ensuring your lawn takes root and grows into a healthy lawn is to make sure the lawn you use has been recently cut within the last 24 hours. I have some flexibility when it comes to timing,but I don’t want to waste time laying freshly cut grass. Once the lawn is planted, it must be watered within 30 minutes. Water the lawn abundantly to ensure that the soil underneath is sufficiently wet. This will allow the roots to grow and give you a good start.

Professional turf installation with Buffalo NY USA

With so many possibilities to go wrong, it’s easy to see why laying sod over existing sod isn’t a good idea. Instead, it’s best to remove the old lawn and give the new lawn the best chance to grow green and healthy. Of course, removing the old sod and laying the new sod can seem like a daunting task, so you might want professional turf installation from Buffalo NY USA!

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