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Q&A about Red Thread Lawn Disease

Red | Thread | Lawn |Disease |pink | patch

When you observe a pink patch of colour on your lovely green lawn, you weren’t expecting to see it. You notice more areas with what appears to be thready grass as you turn to gaze around. Red thread, a fungus that can cause your lawn to become a patchwork mess, has taken over your yard. How Does It Appear?

The red line is simple to identify. The grass appears bleached, tan, reddish, or pink in patches that are typically 4 to 8 inches in diameter and have a threadlike appearance. (Some individuals also claim that the grass resembles antlers)

1. Why Do I Have Red Thread?

This fungus appears in the grass with a nutritional imbalance, such as insufficient nitrogen, calcium, or lime sitting in cool temperatures (between 50 and 70 degrees) during the spring and possibly the fall. Depending on how chilly it is, outbreaks may occur in the spring or early summer.

Red | Thread | Lawn |Disease |pink | patch

2. How Can I Prevent Red Thread?

You can use a regular maintenance program for your lawn that includes a multi-step fertilization program throughout the spring, summer, and fall. This will ensure that your turf has the proper nutrients and isn’t vulnerable to this unsightly fungus.

My yard has red thread! What Do I Need to Do?

Red | Thread | Lawn |Disease |pink | patch

The red line only affects the tips of grass blades, not the roots. Hence the grass plant is not killed. That’s fantastic news, but if the soil imbalance isn’t fixed, it will still spread to the grass nearby.

It’s implausible that you’ll need to use a fungicide. The easiest way to avoid the red thread is to treat the soil properly all year. Call RDK LANDSCAPING right away if you see any red thread patches.

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