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Questions to Ask a Commercial Snow Removal Company Before Hiring Them: Commercial Snow Removal Tips

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  • You must ensure that your company can continue to run and supply consumers during winter storms, even in the face of significant snowfall and ice, to avoid incurring substantial losses.

However, how can you be sure your snow removal firm will deliver superior service for your money? Here is a crucial checklist to ensure you are hiring a reputable snow and ice management business. How well-versed are you in the commercial snow removal businesses you are requesting quotes from?

The following advice will help you decide if the company you are contemplating is the right option for you.

Check the insurance status of your snow removal service

Although it should go without saying, a cheap snow plow alternative can be alluring. A company’s costs may be higher if it has proper insurance than those without.


However, as you should ensure your firm has the right insurance coverage, so should your commercial snow removal provider. Given the risks involved with snow and ice, it would not be very reasonable to use a less expensive contractor. Ask for evidence of insurance at all times.

What Chemicals and Materials Do They Use?
The environmental impact of ice melt must be considered when choosing the de-icer chemicals to utilize. To balance only cost and effectiveness, more is required.
Consider the harm to roadways and sidewalks and the impact on the surrounding environment, including the plants, soil, animals, humans, and water systems.
Ask the snow removal business if it employs sustainable de-icing methods because winter, in general, can be physically taxing on parking lots and landscapes.
How much access do they have to snow and ice-melting products?

Last year, significant snowfalls caused shortages at numerous ice and snow removal product suppliers. Make sure your snow removal company has access to the quantity of snow needed for your property to assist in keeping parking lots and pathways clear during a long winter and significant snowfall.

Are They Always Available To You?

You require a responsive business that guarantees a constant point of contact. The task of your snow removal contractor is to stay ahead of the storm. There should be several ways to contact your contractor, including by phone, text, or email.

Are they large enough companies to respond quickly?

Larger crews are usually present in a larger organization to deal with significant workloads and service concerns regularly. This is crucial in unforeseen snow storms or blizzards because they can quickly become emergencies for your company.

Make sure the business you pick has enough personnel and space to address your property’s unique needs quickly and effectively. They should also have well-trained snow removal employees.

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RDK LANDSCAPING has assisted businesses with snow removal and ice control for many years. We can handle the most significant snow removal projects in the Buffalo/Rochester region since we have the materials, the tools, and the personnel to do so!

For a Free Consultation, call us at (+1 716-710-0390). For more on RDK Snow Removal and Ice Control Services, From regular service to specialized service, from conventional plowing to sidewalk shoveling, and from salting to calcium chloride applications, RDK is on the job. Apartment buildings, condos, strip malls, shopping malls, restaurants, and shops are a few companies that depend on us.

Standard Snow Service

– Our most well-liked strategy includes salt and calcium chloride applications and mowing or shoveling.

– Pre- and post-storm surface treatments and snow removal following a storm distinguish it.

– Additional Snow Service Highlights

– Specializing in industrial snow and ice removal

– Shoveling, salting, and plowing

– No house is too huge or too small.

– Dedicated personnel to manage your account

– 24-hour availability

– The appropriate tools and employees for your property

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