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Questions to Ask Your Landscape Contractor

Find out what you need to know about hiring the right professional to execute your outdoor project.

Whether small or large, landscaping updates provide an opportunity to improve life in your home. This is where landscaping contractors can come into play. When it’s time to choose someone to oversee the construction of your project, asking questions about everything from their expertise to how they handle project details will help you find the right contractor who can turn your landscaping dreams into reality.

We asked landscape construction experts for their advice on what homeowners need to know before hiring a professional. But don’t stop there. Pay close attention to how well you and the contractor connect. You will be working with them and their colleagues for a while, so everyone will be comfortable.

Before contacting

Before requesting bids, take the time to find out what you want from a landscape designer or architect who is ready to execute, such as whether they have a final site plan or whether you need help realizing your vision for your landscaping. These are big costs that need to be planned for early in the project, says landscape designer of RDKLandscaping in Buffalo NY USA. Another option is to find a design-build firm that will take your project from design to completion. We do design, construction and landscaping.

Take a close look at your budget and add extra space for unexpected issues that may arise. Now you can research your material costs so you know that whatever you want is realistic for your project. We can help them work within their budget expectations, says landscape designer of RDKLandscaping in Buffalo NY USA. Landscape designer adds that knowing the budget from the beginning allows his team to only show designs that are within the client’s scope. You can’t see the design.

Consider your timeline. If the project must be completed by a certain date, you should notify the contractor at the outset and allow additional time for weather delays or supply chain issues.

Find an expert

The next step is to find a potential landscaping contractor. If you are working with a landscaper or designer who does not have an installation crew, they will likely have trusted companies they work with and recommend. Check with friends or neighbors, or through local bulletin boards. Search website or RDKLandscaping for landscaping companies in your area.

Follow up by reading reviews and checking the company’s background. Explore company websites and read business reviews on sites like RDKLandscaping. Having a lot of negative reviews can be a red flag, especially if the same issues keep happening. Finally, choose your top competitor. Don’t be overwhelmed by more than three companies, advises landscape contractor of RDKLandscaping in Buffalo NY USA. However, you can decide how many companies to contact. The following questions will provide a framework for your interview with them.

Work with landscape contractors on RDKLandscaping

Questions to ask before hiring a landscaping contractor

Do you understand what my project entails? Review the project with each contractor. If you already have a plan, don’t just review the broad outline – look into the details. If you have a general idea but would like the contractor to provide suggestions or design ideas, be clear about what you want and need before proceeding.

Ask about mitigation measures or other issues that need to be addressed. This may include local regulations for issues such as stormwater infiltration, drainage, electrical and plumbing requirements, sewers and setbacks. Your homeowners association may have requirements that you must meet. We consider all of these issues before requesting and proceeding with a real estate contract.

What is your experience with projects like mine? Ask the contractor if he or she has worked on projects of similar size, scope, and design. Make sure they have photos of their work and nearby facilities that you can view.

If there are materials you would like to use or if you want specific design elements such as pergolas, decks, patios, spas, water or fire features, ask your contractor if he or she has experience with these. If you’re planning to work with a contractor who can handle everything from plumbing and electrical to irrigation systems, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens and AV systems, ask them the name of the company they use.

Find out the names and contact information of past customers you can reach out to. Questions you can ask homeowners include:

✓ Did your employees arrive on time and were easy to work with?
✓ Did a safety issue arise?
✓ Was the project completed on schedule, taking into account inevitable delays?
✓ Did the contractor take steps to resolve problems that arose after construction was
✓ Are you satisfied with the project overall?

What does your service include? Find out who is responsible for everything from materials to plants. All of these details must be included in the final bid, but please understand in advance if you need to provide anything.

Ask who will be responsible for obtaining permits for materials, meeting inspection schedules, or meeting other requirements throughout the process. Landscape designer emphasizes that it’s important to make sure your bid includes everything. You might receive a bid for a swimming pool, only to find that it doesn’t include things like a heater or cover. If your contractor provides plants, ask where they come from and whether there is a warranty or guarantee.

Also, let your contractor know if you want to provide specific materials or plants, or if you want to reuse parts of your existing landscaping.

Are you licensed and bonded? Your contractor must be licensed and bonded and must provide written proof. You must also be insured and be able to provide written proof of this. You’ll also want to check their safety record and inquire about affiliations or certifications. If subcontractors are also at your premises, ask about their status as well.

Additional steps: Ask your insurance agent what your homeowner’s insurance covers and if there’s anything you need to add during the project.

What is the expected schedule? Anyone involved in construction projects, especially outdoor projects, knows that there is always a risk of delays due to unforeseen reasons. However, your contractor should be able to give you an estimate of how long a typical project of your size and scope will take. Also ask how they typically handle unexpected delays.

What is the estimated cost? Share your proposed budget with your contractor. Ask specifically about the areas you suspect will be more expensive and get a rough estimate of how much it will cost. Landscape designer says contractors should offer options within your budget and not lure you into something that looks good but isn’t cheap. They should also be able to suggest alternatives that fit your budget or provide ideas for taking the project step by step.

Please inquire about bid submission procedures and details. Landscape architect explains that an offer is not a bid, but rather a starting point for proposed costs. The bids are firm numbers that are guaranteed without any changes. The final bid must also include a description of how additional or change costs will be handled. You have to go all in.

Who will participate on site? Find out who will be on site during the project, including
subcontractors. Also, ask if there is someone you can contact directly if you have questions and how easy it is to do so.

What sustainable practices do you follow? Ask how environmentally friendly the company’s
practices are. Some questions to consider:
✓ Where possible, do you use local materials such as stones or native plants? Not having to ship materials reduces both your carbon footprint and costs. Native plants generally grow better in your soil and climate.
✓ Are you incorporating environmentally friendly approaches into future maintenance,
especially as it relates to irrigation?
✓ How do I dispose of materials, soil and plants? If possible, do you compost your plants? Do you recycle all possible materials? Do you return plant containers to the nursery for reuse?
✓ Do you follow local recommendations for water use and installation?
✓ Are the mulch and soil additives you use chemical-free?

How long does it take for a plant to reach mature size? Your newly planted landscape will look a little barren at first. Conventional planting wisdom is to use smaller container plants, which adapt more quickly to a new location and cost less.

If you want a more mature landscaping, consult a contractor. You can also add a few larger main plants, such as trees or shrubs, and fill them in with smaller plants.

Also ask about maintenance for your hardscape and plants. Some companies may have ongoing maintenance options. Others can educate you on what to expect and provide references.

What are your thoughts? Ask your contractor for their thoughts and ideas before finishing the job. It works well, but there may be options you haven’t considered or approaches that better fit your needs. It might open your eyes to a different way of thinking. An experienced contractor may also be able to suggest fun or unexpected additions that can give your yard a personalized feel.

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