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Refresh your entryway and front yard

Spice up your creations this season with decorations, lighting, furniture and more.

We want our entryways and front yards to feel right at home this fall and winter. Here are some
festive porches decorating ideas that you can use from fall through the New Year. Now let’s take
a look at some quick updates that can help you create something eye-catching this time of year.
Buying new doormats, investing in outdoor lighting or porch furniture, and gardening can boost
your curb appeal during the holiday season and beyond.

Improve your outdoor lighting game

When it gets dark at night, a well-lit porch can go a long way in boosting your mood and enhancing
your home’s curb appeal. When updating exterior lighting, consider including multiple light sources, such as wall sconces paired with pendant lights or recessed ceiling lights. Choose a bold lamp design that looks good even when the lights are off and goes well with your home’s architectural style.

Get a Fresh Doormat

Keep your entryway stylish and clean with a new doormat for fall and winter. If you already have
a decorative doormat or outdoor rug next to your front door, don’t hesitate to throw a sturdy mat
over it to absorb moisture, dust, and outdoor debris.

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Bench at the entrance

A seat by the front door makes your home more inviting and can be a useful place to put on your
boots or drop shopping bags while you search for your keys. If your veranda isn’t big enough for
a bench, consider putting one on the path leading to the front of the house.
Stacked with fall-colored throw pillows, this bench complements the window treatments and
makes the entry patio cozier and more seasonal.

Add bright seasonal accents

Don’t feel like you have to go all out on your porch decor to get the lift. Just one or two elements, like bright pumpkins on the porch or wreaths on the door, can boost color and seasonal mood. If you’re pressed for time, look for fall and winter color accents.

A mailbox or parcel locker is another place to add a bit of color. This lock box keeps your packages safe and adds a pop of red to your front door.

Porch Furniture Upgrades

A classic Adirondack chair, rocking chair, lounge chair or porch swing will add a welcoming feel to your entryway and inspire you to step outside and enjoy the fresh fall air. Choose one based on comfort, style, and available space on your porch or front porch.

Add Long Lasting Potted Plants

Potted plants can provide welcome color and texture to your fall and winter porch. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, low-maintenance planter option, an evergreen is a good choice. Boxwoods, dwarf conifers, privets, and cooking bays are all great choices for potted doorstep plants that look great in the fall and winter.

Spread fresh pebbles

Gravel on sidewalks, patios and driveways will move and settle over time. Fall is the perfect time
to refresh your outdoor space and replenish gravel to reduce mud before winter arrives. Select the
same rock type and grade (grain size) as the existing gravel and lay a layer of 1 to 3 inches on top,
filling in the lower part if necessary.

If you’re installing a new gravel driveway, path, or patio this fall, talking to a professional can help
ensure the surface meets your needs. When installed properly, gravel can support the wheels of
cars, walkers, carts, and more.

Mulch bed

Covering bare ground with mulch can help your out-of-season garden beds look tired and tidy in the afternoon. Choose a mulch that fits your garden style. There are many types to choose from, including natural bark, wood chips, straw or pebbles.

Aim to add 2 to 3 inches of mulch to your beds, away from tree trunks and large shrubs. Mulching inhibits weed growth, protects shallow roots from freeze damage, hides soaker hoses and irrigation lines, and prevents water loss through evaporation.

Add a decorative door knocker

A new brass door knocker with a subtle glow on a dark front door can be a subtle but effective front door upgrade. Choose from a classic shape or one that adds a little personality to your home, such as a brass pine cone, seashell, sailboat or eagle.

Refresh the window frame

A windowsill filled with seasonal plants or string lights can enhance curb appeal. In warm winter regions, the combinations shown here can be used from fall through winter. It features white cyclamen, ornamental peppers, violets and variegated ivy. In cold winter areas, when temperatures drop, keep the hardy ivy and replace chili peppers, cyclamen and pansies with some hardy dwarf conifers or conifer cuttings.

Tell us: What are you going to do this fall to improve your curb appeal? Share photos or thoughts
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