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Solutions to Solve Snow Removal Problems

Yes, it’s that time again. It’s snowing time. You may be the one who loves when the whole land is covered with warm white snow, or you may be the one who puts up with it because it has to come. Either way, you’ll have to find a way to clear the unwanted snow! Here are a few tips for efficient and safe snow control around Buffalo NY USA without breaking the bank!

Wear shovel pants

Whether you’re the CEO of a large corporation or a garbage collector, you need to dress for the job you do. And that also applies to clearing snow! You should make sure you have warm gloves, a good winter coat, shoes that grip well on slippery surfaces, and a proper shovel.

The ergonomic shovel is easy to wield and helps take some of the pressure off your lower back. Use a lightweight shovel and change the direction of shoveling periodically to spread the load on your body. Don’t stretch too much, don’t twist your back, pivot and use some of the moves you learned in gym class when you turn. Trust me, your back will thank you for that!

There’s no hard and fast rule that says you can’t shovel while it’s still snowing. Some very smart people tend to believe that clearing a thin layer of snow is better than moving it all at once, but you’re the only one who can judge. However, you may want to avoid shoveling in the wind.


If you’re looking to clear snow as efficiently as possible you’ll get maximum snow removal with minimal effort! there are a few things you should be aware of. Wet snow is much heavier than soft snow, so you need to consider the type of snow you are dealing with and plan your attack. When clearing a driveway, start in the middle and work your way outside to prevent snow from accumulating on areas already cleared.

Snowdrifts must not be built where driveways and roads meet. When the snowplow comes, they will pile the snow higher and double the work for you. This blows all kinds of efficient planning out the frosty window.

Flower bed strategy

Be careful when it snows outside. Use snow removed from sidewalks and driveways and create some form of ice cover for your flower beds. It’s true that you want to keep your lawn from getting too much snow, but for flower beds, snow can be a good insulator. You just need to remember a few things to try this out.

Watch out for shrubs. Branches of trees and shrubs can be brittle in winter, so sprinkle snow carefully to avoid breaking them. Do not use your eyes near the street. Street snow can be full of salt and can damage salt-sensitive plants in your garden.

How about a snow blower?

If you’re taking a closer look at your snow removal situation, you may be wondering if saving cash to buy a snow blower is worth it. Don’t be too hasty. There’s no guarantee that you’ll have enough snow to cover the cost of a shiny new snow blower, and if your driveway is relatively small, it may not be worth touching at all. Also, you should keep those suckers year-round, and there are several times of the year when snow isn’t a threat at all and a snow blower takes up space.

These tips should protect you, but if you need help removing snow from your property, Buffalo NY USA also offers snow removal services!

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