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Spring Gardening

spring gardening by rdk landscaping

If you’ve already started your spring gardening or are still planning it, read our checklist of tasks and tips.

Take a look at your backyard. Spring gardening should begin with assessing the damage caused by cold and often stormy winter weather. When inspecting vegetable gardens, flower beds, and landscaping, remember to pay special attention to trees that can equally withstand weather damage. Some trees, especially very old or very young trees, may remain dangerously damaged. If you are in doubt about the health of your tree, contact a professional arborist for guidance.

First, pay attention to landscaping. If you’re gardening in the spring, the first thing you should focus on is fixing your landscaping, especially retaining walls and fences. Then move on to softer landscaping, such as gutters, walkways and flower beds..

Clean and sharpen your gardening tools

Pro gardening tip – Check your gardening tools before planting and cleaning them. Clean with hot water and oil the trimmer. Dirty, rusty tools are difficult to work with and can even damage your plants.

Create a composting area. If you haven’t made it yet. Once you clean up your backyard, the waste becomes a great base for composting.

Start by pruning trees and trimming hedges. Trim and shape overgrown trees and hedges to restore their appearance. If your tree or hedge is too large, leave this job to a professional arborist (Add Support Links) with the appropriate equipment and experience. This may also be the right time to remove that unsightly tree stump in your backyard. If you leave it in humid weather until it softens, it will be easier to remove.

Clean your flower beds and vegetable garden. At the top of our guide’s list of spring gardening tips is the importance of cleaning up before planting anything. Remove debris and unwanted weeds that are eating up nutrients from the soil. They also hurt your eyes.

Prepare the soil. Add compost, well-seasoned manure or slow-release nutrients to new plants, vegetables and trees. It is also convenient to prepare the pots with fresh pots before starting sowing.

Start planting. Start by planning what and where to plant. Every plant or tree has specific
requirements in order to fully fruit or bloom. Some areas require shade, while others require full sun or good drainage. Check with your local gardener or garden store (Add Support Links) to find out what is best for your area. If you are doing large-scale landscaping work such as planting trees, it is a good idea to seek professional help. Without proper thought and guidance, trees can grow dangerously near power lines or private property and cause long-term damage.

Mulching after planting slows weed growth and prevents soil moisture evaporation and nutrient loss when sunlight is strong. Clean and refurbish your outdoor furniture so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors.


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