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Start garden planning early, even if it snows

Reviewing what you grew last year will help you when you go out. 

Winter gardening advice always involves looking through gardening catalogs and deciding what  plants you want to grow next year. That’s a good start, but what about taking it one step further?  Winter is a good time to review what worked and what didn’t work in your garden the previous  year, whether it was bare soil after all the bulbs died, or vegetables that no one ate. Maybe there  was something you loved growing but was simply in the wrong place. 

The great thing about this exercise is that you don’t even have to go outside, so the snow still  covering the landscape isn’t a problem. In fact, through the somewhat bleak winter garden, you  can see the structure of the actual space and how it flows. This also means that you will have a  much better idea of what you need and want when ordering plants, going to a nursery, or working  with a landscape designer. 

Are your plants growing in the right place? 


Which plants were damaged? Trying to grow a sun-loving plant in the shade, or vice versa, will  only lead to frustration for both you and the plant. Arrange your plants to suit your garden’s  microclimate, even if you have to move some of them to a new location. 

Did you like the flowery garden beds? 

Was there a color combination that really went well with you? Did it bloom throughout the growing  season? Maybe this is the year to try different annuals or add new perennials. 

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What about shrubs and trees? 

Is it still working well? Or do you need to replace some? Is it time to add some shade or fruit trees  of your choice? Maybe you want a beautiful accent shrub next to your front door or patio. 

Was there any exposed part? 

Decide whether you want to add a summer-blooming plant or two to cover the space where spring blooming bulbs used to be, or whether you want to add a decorative accent like this planter and  chair. 

Shop outdoor planters at the RDKLandscpe shop. Is your vegetable garden well maintained? 

What’s the problem if your garden is a mess? Was it the location? Was there too little or too much  water? Or was it because the weather was nice?

This year, plant some of the more popular plants and experiment with a few new ones.  Do you have a new spot in your garden?

Perhaps the garden floor was great but the walls were empty. Hang it on the wall as part of a living  screen or add vertical interest with fast-growing vines? 

Is your irrigation working properly? 

Whether you use a fully automated irrigation system or water by hand, think about ways you can  make your watering routine more efficient. Should I adjust my sprinklers or install rain-sensitive  monitors to avoid watering during a storm? Can I reduce my watering time with a drip system or  a series of sprinklers? Are there options like rain barrels, greywater capture systems, or losing part  of your lawn in the future? 

What would make things easier? 

What has been a recurring complaint you have had over the past year? Hate running through the  garage every time you want to pick something to eat? Was it impossible to transplant the potted  plant into a larger container? 

To make harvesting edible crops easier, make sure you have a good growing space near your  kitchen or barbecue don’t overlook your front or side yard. Alternatively, you can convert low growing edible beds into raised beds. 

Simple modifications may be needed, such as adding a planting platform or a short ramp to make  it easier to get the lawnmower out. 

How can you improve the aesthetics of your garden? 

You’ll need garden tools, bags of soil, extra pots, and irrigation supplies, but it doesn’t have to be  fun to look at. Find out how to store all your garden tools conveniently and discreetly. 

This garden shed features wall-mounted hooks so you can organize your tools in an artistic way. 

Or maybe you simply want to add an accent or two. The bold blue walls and lime green chairs will  grab your attention. 

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