Give your lawn a fall tune-up

lawn maintenance in fall

Giving your old lawn a little TLC, this fall can help you achieve a lush, healthy lawn in the spring. Your lawn has probably taken a big hit this summer. Family gatherings, bringing dogs, children’s games and toys, combined with heat and drought, will make it difficult for your lawn to breathe. If your lawn […]

What is compost and how do I use it

compost for gardening by rdk landscaping

Compost is a friable, dark soil that is rich in nutrients and is used as mulch, fertilizer, or soil conditioner, but is rarely used directly for growing plants. Create compost from food scraps, yard waste, and other organic waste by allowing beneficial bacteria to break everything down into its essential elements. It happens every day […]

Spring Gardening

spring gardening by rdk landscaping

If you’ve already started your spring gardening or are still planning it, read our checklist of tasks and tips. Take a look at your backyard. Spring gardening should begin with assessing the damage caused by cold and often stormy winter weather. When inspecting vegetable gardens, flower beds, and landscaping, remember to pay special attention to […]

Landscape’s Guide to Winter Tree Inspection, Pruning, and Trimming Trees

Landscape's Guide to Winter Tree Inspection, Pruning, and Trimming Trees RDK Landscaping buffalo ny

Before spring arrives, consider a few things to consider about your trees and shrubs and what might have happened to them in the past few months. Your trees and shrubs are still dormant, so now is the best time to get outside and perform winter tree and shrub inspections throughout your property before transitioning into […]

Christmas Tree Can Survive the Holidays

Christmas Tree Can Survive the Holidays RDK Landscaping buffalo ny

As the weather gets colder, many homeowners want to know. Can trees be planted in winter? The  short answer to this question is yes. However, you need to consider the type of tree, the climatic  zone and the upcoming weather forecast. Also, there is a difference depending on whether you  plant in early winter, midwinter, […]

Make the most of your upcoming fall weekend

When planning your Halloween and winter travel, don’t forget to savor this day’s fun before it’s gone.  Autumn is now ripe. It’s a great weekend to rake leaves and curl up with an interesting book and a  warm drink. Here are seven activities you can do this weekend, including watching monarch butterflies and organizing trick-or-treaters.  […]