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Tips for Creating a Low-Maintenance and Beautiful Landscaping

Landscaping experts share tips for planning an easy-to-maintain garden.
For those who want a beautiful garden but don’t want to spend hours each week or hire staff to maintain it, consider the following advice from the landscaping experts at RDKLandscaping. It is important to point out that low maintenance does not mean that it requires no maintenance at all. Every garden need maintenance, just like a house needs maintenance. However, there are many ways to create rich, rich designs that are easy to maintain.
Remember: Right Plant, Right Place

Start by choosing plants that thrive in your local microclimate. The right plants in the right place are always low maintenance. This is in contrast to forcing a plant to grow where it does not want to grow. The expert adds that matching the plant’s needs with its location can result in healthier specimens overall, which in turn means they require less care.

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Convert to native

Native plants are landscape professionals’ preferred starting point when designing low-
maintenance gardens. Plants native to the area require less maintenance because they are well adapted to the natural soil, rainfall patterns and microclimate.

Added that native species require no fertilizers or pesticides, which reduces maintenance costs and also supports wildlife habitat. Landscape designer says, where water considerations are essential, native invasive species often use less water than native species and help restore natural biodiversity.

Narrow down your plant list

Expert recommends keeping your plant list very simple as a way to reduce maintenance costs. After narrowing down the list, landscape designers say: I’m going to keep everything evergreen, which means very little shedding.

Think small

Landscape architect likes to use small to medium-sized evergreen shrubs and grasses. Overgrown plants require pruning and re-trimming, while small or dwarf varieties grow to a mature size that will fit comfortably into any garden. Architect also guides clients to select slow-growing dwarf varieties of trees and shrubs, which are generally easier to maintain.

Choose varieties that are easy to care for

If you want to grow at least one or two high-maintenance plants, consider hassle-free varieties. For example, if you want to plant roses in your garden, choose Knock Out roses over David Austin roses.

Plants for the future

Determine the mature size of your plants and place them accordingly. Make sure each plant has enough space to grow to its maximum size. Expert adds that if your plants are too big for the location you choose, you’ll be wasting money at best and could even run into serious problems. In worst cases, roots can invade water pipes or break walls.

Remove weeds

Even in low-maintenance environments, be prepared to deal with the inevitable weeds. Weeds grow right in the middle of a concrete parking lot, so they’re definitely going to find a garden.

To help fight weeds, experts recommend filling in gaps between larger plants with low-growing plants and ground covers. Plant your garden densely so that weeds don’t have a chance to grow. This camouflages the weed-growing plants with good plants. Landscape expert adds that you can fill in bald spots by strategically adding small plants.

Bring mulch

While mulch blocks weeds, it is also a finishing touch. Mulch your yard in the spring and winter. During the warmer months, they form a barrier that traps water like a sponge. In winter, they provide beneficial insulation from heavy frosts that can damage roots and plants.

You can find a variety of organic mulches, including botanicals. Landscape designer recommends living mulch of low-growing ground covers, which will contribute to overall soil health. Some expert, prefers a premium hardwood mulch.

Make watering easy

All plants need water to survive, but it’s important to water them correctly when starting your garden. Even drought-tolerant plants need to be watered well for the first year and a half until they grow well.

The experts we interviewed recommended installing an irrigation system and working with a professional if possible. I always have a professionally installed irrigation system to ensure the health of my garden.

Landscape architect also recommends adding an irrigation system. You don’t have to avoid constantly dragging the hose around and watering your plants every day. Drip irrigation systems can also reduce water usage and associated costs.

Simplify garden work

Landscape architect suggest a gradual approach to garden work. Rather than one or two marathon gardening sessions, tend your garden in small, frequent visits to ensure an early harvest. Expert recommends spending a few minutes a week cutting back any weeds that will flower or set seed.

To deal with fallen leaves, architect recommends cutting them and blowing them into garden beds to break them up, reducing the amount of mulch you need to add in the spring. It also provides valuable habitat for native insects such as lightning bugs.

Finally, don’t feel guilty if you postpone or skip cutting back your plants in the fall. Leaving used native flowers and their seedbeds on the plants will provide food for local wildlife.

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