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Tips to Help Your Trees Survive Cold Weather

As winter approaches and temperatures begin to drop, it is important to keep in mind how cold  weather can affect trees. Winter is an important part of a tree’s growth cycle, but extreme winter  weather can cause damage or even death if not properly managed. Fortunately, there are some  simple steps you can take to help your trees survive the winter safely and healthily. 

Below, discover some tips for winter tree care to help keep your trees in tip-top condition during  the coldest season of the year! 

Winter tree care tips for longevity 

To ensure your tree stays happy and healthy all winter long, a few simple care steps will help. If  you take the time to prepare your trees now, they will be ready to produce fruit come spring. Follow  these helpful tips for winter tree care to ensure your trees remain in optimal condition even during  the coldest months. 

Water your trees regularly:

It may seem counterintuitive, but winter is actually a great time to  water your trees, even if it’s cold outside! Watering your tree deeply and thoroughly will help it  retain moisture during extreme cold. For winter watering, it is recommended to use lukewarm or  slightly warm water. Cold water can damage tree roots. 

Pruning trees:

Winter is the best time of year to prune trees because it gives them a chance to heal  and grow in the spring. To avoid unnecessary damage to your tree, use sharp tools and follow  proper pruning techniques. 

Wrapping your trees:

Wrapping your trees before winter helps protect them from extreme  weather conditions such as high winds, ice storms, and heavy snowfall. Use packaging rated for  winter tree protection and wrap tightly around the tree trunk without restricting tree growth. 

Fertilize the tree:

Applying winter fertilizer before winter arrives will help keep your trees healthy  and strong. Choose a winter-specific fertilizer designed to meet your winter tree care needs. 

Mulch around the tree:

Placing a thick layer of mulch around the base of the tree protects the  roots from cold temperatures and helps the soil retain moisture. But don’t mulch too much. In fact,  tree roots can rot! 

Avoid planting trees in winter:

Winter may seem like a good time to plant trees, but it is important  to remember that winter is a difficult season for tree survival. Instead of planting trees in the winter,  wait until spring when temperatures are milder. 

Watch out for pests:

Winter is the best time for pests such as rodents, insects and even diseases  to attack your trees. Inspect your trees regularly throughout the winter to look for signs of damage  or damage. 

Monitor for signs of stress:

Extreme winter weather can be stressful on trees, so it is important  to monitor your trees regularly and look for signs of stress, such as yellowing leaves or wilting  branches. If you notice any relevant signs, contact your tree service company immediately.

Protect trees from snow and ice:

If your area is prone to heavy snowfall, it is important to protect  your trees from the weight of the snow. Place winter tree guards around tree trunks to reduce  pressure from heavy snowfall. 

Get professional help:

If you are having problems with winter tree care or are unsure how to  proceed with winter tree protection, it is always best to contact a professional tree care company  in Buffalo, New York. The team at your local tree service company can provide expert  advice and support on winter tree maintenance to help keep your trees healthy and safe throughout  the winter. 

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