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Boring patios and blurry views are gone!

If you live in an urban area, it can be difficult to find small green spaces. However, vertical gardens  offer a great way to bring life to both the interior and exterior of your living space. From adding  privacy to enhancing small outdoor spaces, here are reasons why we love this incredibly versatile  garden feature. 

Vertical gardens create an invitation to the outdoors.

Planting a vibrant vertical garden in an  outdoor space that is visible from inside your home is a great way to encourage indoor-outdoor  flow. Lush foliage invites you outside, so even small routines are more likely to happen in the fresh  air. 

Vertical gardens add life to city facades.

The exterior wall, completed from top to bottom with  vertical planting, is surprising. Imagine what happens to this living green wall as you walk home  along the plain brick and stucco facade. Your visitors will certainly not have trouble finding your  home! 

Vertical gardens can replace art.

When framed and hung on the wall, your vertical garden can  become a unique display that will get your guests talking. Succulents with sculptural shapes or  delicate tail tendrils are especially suitable for this purpose. 

Vertical gardens can cover up dull walls.

The small terrace surrounded by high walls feels stuffy.  This is especially true if the surrounding walls are unattractive. Consider adding a vertical garden  for a dual-duty solution. Plants line up as far as the eye can see, creating a focal point as well as  covering distracting walls. 

Vertical gardens allow you to create your own green landscape.

Doesn’t the outlook look good?  To please the eye, plant a vertical garden outside your window. If neighbors who are too close are  a problem, consider hiring a professional (Add Support Links) to create supports for your vertical  garden that will “float” in front of your windows and protect the view. 

Vertical gardens make small outdoor spaces look larger.

Plants along fence lines blur  boundaries, giving walled city gardens a more open feel. Create a lush green layer in your urban  garden with a mix of pots, large green plants, and vertical plants. 

Vertical gardens can form living privacy screens.

Are you looking for something a little different  from the typical fence or fence to give your outdoor space a more personal feel? Vertical gardens  planted on supports can expand your garden while providing more privacy. 

Vertical gardens allow you to plant plants without taking up floor space.

If you have a small  yard and a few pots are falling over, try moving the plants up the walls. Vertical gardens can include  anything from succulents to edible plants, depending on the light and type of wall planter available,  so let your imagination run wild. 

Vertical gardens bring the outside in.

Create your own green sanctuary indoors with a lush green  wall in your bathroom. Mossy plants adapt well to the humid environment of the bathroom,  creating a relaxing spa-like backdrop for soaking in the bathtub.

Vertical gardens keep cities cool and refreshing.

Cities typically lack fresh green space due to  endless concrete and pavement roads, leading to higher temperatures in city centers. However, if  more buildings had facades with vertical gardens, like the facade in (Add Location/Country Name) shown here, they could cool and freshen up urban areas, making them more pleasant and  comfortable for everyone. 

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