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What do we want for the landscape in 2024?

Discover seven trends landscape designers expect homeowners to bring to their outdoor spaces this year.

In recent years, the landscape has come into its own as more of us make abundant use of our outdoor spaces. We increasingly see our yards as habitats for wildlife, places to promote wellness, and spaces to grow plants for food. And if our trend predictions for 2024 are any indication, this shows no signs of slowing down. Read on to find out what RDKLandscaping’s landscaping experts are predicting for the year ahead.

We will continue to garden for wildlife and biodiversity

Our experts all agree that the trend toward wildlife gardening will continue to grow. In fact, this now appears to be the norm rather than the exception, a change in thinking rather than a trend.

Expert of RDKLandscaping says: Accommodating messy spaces within the garden and planting pollinators, along with leaving stems of perennials for the winter, will become increasingly the norm.

Expert of RDKLandscaping sees a continuing trend towards replacing lawns with biodiversity plantings. More customers are open to the idea of having a lawn-free yard, which allows them more space to plant plants that are attractive to pollinators. Immersing yourself in planting creates a lovely, inviting atmosphere for people to enjoy.

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We will explore on-site water management measures

Within the broader landscape design, there will be more attention to managing drainage and  slowing the flow of water through the landscape. Fast-draining surfaces and spaces that can retain and store water when needed are going to become much more mainstream across landscape design.

Similarly, this design will encourage retention of excess rain for use during warmer, rainier periods.

As designers, we have to continue to be creative in creating surfaces that replace lawns. We need to utilize all the beautiful materials available to us today in a more environmentally friendly way so that we don’t have to plant or do other things. This is a permeable option that allows water to drain into the ground below.

We will want innovations that enhance outdoor living

Comfortable outdoor spaces for living and entertaining will still be at the core of landscape design trends in 2024. All-weather furniture, including quick-drying cushions, and outdoor barbecues and cooking facilities will be at the heart of this. With the proliferation of design options for weatherproof pergolas, the desire to be outside no matter the weather is increasing. These modern, more sophisticated structures are now equipped with tilting and sliding roof slats that can be repositioned to let in sunlight or shelter from rain.

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We will add a wellness zone to the yard

Expert predicts people will use their yards to take advantage of the health benefits that can come from combining cold water exposure with heat therapy. We are seeing a growing number of people interested in finding new landscape design spaces for their cold plunge baths, swimming pools or saunas.

There are a lot of beautiful saunas on sale now, some of which have glass sides so you can cleverly submerge yourself inside the plants and have a great view.

Even a small cold plunge bath or pool doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. Surrounded by nice plants can provide privacy and enhance the experience.

Let’s be creative with our color choices

Expert believes homeowners are becoming braver about the colors they use in their outdoor spaces. Adding more color to the landscape through furniture choices, murals, colored tile accents and other items seems to be becoming more and more popular. Customers are open to bold color suggestions. Expert suggests choosing colors for plants and furniture that complement each other to create a harmonious space.

We will grow food crops in small spaces

Expert said the continued popularity of healthy living and eating will lead to more people wanting to grow their own food, with a focus on ideas for doing this in small spaces.

One way is to return to the original cottage garden style of mixed flower beds, and landscape expert of RDKLandscaping predicts this will become even more popular. We will be incorporating more edible plants into traditional landscaping, as well as plants with medicinal properties, based on awareness of natural remedies and health.

She is also looking for solutions in the field of upcycling and foresees innovative ways to garden in containers using repurposed items, maximizing space and providing food to those with limited space.

We will embrace gardening with others

Expects there will be a greater emphasis on connections between gardeners. Gardening in communities and shared spaces will continue to expand as individuals come together to cultivate and harvest. Technology, online platforms and social media in horticulture will see tremendous growth.

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