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What Does Proper Spring Cleaning Include?

Proper spring cleaning

Spring is the season of growth and change. This is also a great opportunity to declutter your  possessions and keep all the elements safe, healthy and beautiful. Here are a few steps we  recommend for proper spring cleaning. This can be a lot of work. However, if you’re determined  to make sure everything works, be sure to read the full checklist below. If you need help, the  experts at RDK Landscaping can help you with everything.

  • ✓ Clean lawns and garden beds. 
  • ✓ Check the health of trees, shrubs and lawns. 
  • ✓ Trim trees and shrubs. 
  • ✓ Repair bed lines and edges. 
  • ✓ Aerate the lawn with a core aerator. 
  • ✓ Add a new layer of mulch. 
  • ✓ Make sure the drain hose is draining properly.
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Leaf, Debris Cleaning and Lawn Health Assessment 

The first step is to clean the entire property, which includes checking the condition of the lawn,  trimming all shrubs and trees, and removing all debris. Remove dead leaves, loose twigs, branches,  and other debris that may have fallen over the winter to allow for a more thorough inspection of  the building. 

Pruning trees and shrubs 

After removing all debris, check the trees and shrubs for any necessary pruning. Spring is an ideal  time for pruning, as some trees and plants can only be pruned in spring. For example, lilacs should  be pruned after blooming in early spring or summer. Pruning too early before flowering will  prevent you from seeing the beautiful blooms this plant has to offer. The experts at RDK Landscaping know exactly when to prune each specific plant to enhance the beauty of your building. 

Remove branches from trees and shrubs and dispose of them properly. Check the downspout to  make sure it’s draining properly. Then there are property boundaries and planting beds. Bedsides  are sometimes damaged by snow removal equipment or fallen branches. Damaged bed liners will  be repaired or replaced. This is also a good time to apply new mulch to plant flower beds. This  way, your flower beds will look clean and your plants will stay healthy. Garden maintenance isn’t  always fun, but when done right, it can make for a beautiful, tidy lawn. 

Need help making your bed?

Lawn care essentials 
Now is the time to take care of your lawn! A beautiful lawn starts with a healthy, lush lawn. First,  check the overall health of your lawn. Look for areas where the lawn is thinning, browning, or in need of seeding and/or turfing. Treat and remove any weeds or fungi. Once that’s done, it’s time to  relax! 
Lawn care maintenance 
Spring is a great time to dry out, and lawns are no exception. If you’re not used to aerating your  lawn, it’s an important part of keeping your lawn healthy and lush. This is a process that should be  performed at least once a year. Chances are, most of the lush green lawn you admire was swept by a local lawn care professional.
Aeration is a relatively simple process, but it’s not always easy. Proper operation usually requires  the use of a core aerator, which makes small holes in the lawn while removing a small section of  grass. This process opens up the top few inches of grass and soil, allowing air and water to circulate  more freely throughout the root system, allowing your lawn to breathe. It also breaks down dense  soil, preventing grass from growing evenly. The small cores that are removed are left on the surface  of the grass to decompose, often taking several weeks, to feed the grass and soil.
Core aeration also promotes new lawn growth, which is essential for minimizing the growth of  pesky weeds. There’s nothing more difficult for weeds to invade than a lush, healthy lawn. Once  the aeration is complete, it’s the ideal time to fertilize your lawn. Once lawn aeration is complete,  it recommends the type and amount of fertilizer and feed needed to optimize lawn growth based  on specific weather conditions.
Having and maintaining a beautiful lawn is one of the many joys of owning a home. However, this  achievement would not have been possible without a significant investment of time, energy and  effort. If you want to spend your time doing other things but still want a lawn that others will love,  contact your local RDK Landscaping experts for professional lawn care service.

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