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When You Should Hire a Landscaper

This professional can help you solve problems, ensure your home and landscaping complement each other, and design special features.
Wondering if it’s time to hire a landscaper? These are qualified and trained professionals who design and plan outdoor spaces suitable for living. Whether you’re thinking about designing your dream outdoor space, want to add value to your home through landscaping, or need help working in difficult terrain, a landscaper may be the professional you need. Here are when it makes sense to work with a landscaper to help your outdoor space thrive.
You want a landscaping design that matches the architectural style of your home
Landscape architects are skilled at creating designs that fit the home’s architecture and surroundingterrain. On this 31⁄2-acre property in Buffalo NY USA, landscape architect of RDKLandscaping designed gardens that complement the home’s contemporary architecture. landscape architect’s design featured views of the mountains and relied heavily on ornamental grasses for color and seasonal interest. Of the completed project, landscape architect said, “We maintain the simplicity of the architecture. Rather than competing for attention, the views complement the long
views of the house and beyond”.
Explore the atmospheric, minimalist landscape of the Buffalo NY USA.
I want to build a terrace or retaining wall
If you want to add a retaining wall or patio to your property, like this project from landscapearchitect designs, you may need to have a landscaper submit sealed plans to get construction approval. Whether or not it is legally required in your area, hiring a licensed landscaper to tackle a project as structurally complex as a patio can give you peace of mind.
Find a landscaper on RDKLandscaping.
You want the perfect landscaping plan
Whether you’ve just purchased a home, are undergoing a major remodel, or are building your dream home, incorporating a landscaper’s plans can be a great way to ensure the entire property comes together beautifully, in a cohesive manner.
Find a landscaper near you on RDKLandscaping.
I want to add value to my home
Landscaping is one of the (relatively) few big-ticket home improvement projects that can add significant value to your home and attract the attention of potential buyers. An investment in the skilled work of a landscaper is an investment in your home.
You care about the environment and want sustainable landscaping
Landscape architects are trained in sustainable practices, and some focus on sustainable landscape design. If what you want is a landscape that incorporates all the latest thinking in water and resource conservation, a landscape architect can help make it happen.
There are features that are difficult to solve
Need help designing a steep slope, rock wall, or other challenge? Landscape architects have the experience and know-how to approach a variety of field problems with creativity and innovation. Landscapers are also licensed to draw grading plans and may submit a sealed grading plan as part of the permit application package. RDKLandscaping used this sloping site to create a new front entrance and remodel the rock formations.
You live in a floodplain or other sensitive area
If your property is in a flood plain or includes some protected wetlands, you may want to consider involving a landscaper on the project. You may need to obtain sealed plans from your landscaper as they may contain stricter regulations and unusual requirements. Your landscape architect can come up with a solution that meets your requirements. Rainwater can safely enter the ground, for example the open paving grid shown here. RDKLandscaping designed a drought-tolerant landscape.
There is a risk of fire, hurricane, landslide, etc.

Between seasonal wildfires in drought-stricken Buffalo NY USA   hurricanes, Mother Nature isn’t always so kind to human-built gardens and structures. If weather events are a concern where you are, it may be a good idea to hire a landscaper to assess your property and help you create a plan for a more robust garden design.
The unique challenge of restoring a historic garden destroyed by a hurricane.
You want to make the most of your share
If you have a small lot, close neighbors, or both, a landscaper can work with you to create a garden design that makes the most of your property’s positive features while downplaying or disguising what you want to hide.

I want to design the best outdoor space

Do you want an outdoor fireplace, a terraced patio, or a lush private garden? Working with a landscaper to design the outdoor space of your dreams is one of the most fun reasons to hire this professional. This project is being conducted by RDKLandscaping.
Landscape design by RDKLandscaping landscape architects

Your turn: Have you ever worked with a landscape architect you like? Please share in the comments how this experience helped you.
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