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Checklist for Mid-Spring Lawn Care

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Warmer than cool days are present, which is a nice warming trend. Life has begun to return to your yard. Mowing, weeding, fertilising, and even watering are again household duties.

So what exactly should you do to ensure your grass gets off to the greatest possible start?

RDK LANDSCAPING’s team created this Mid-Spring Lawn Care Checklist as a resource for you. To start your grass off right this year, simply follow these instructions.

Mid-April through May: Lawn Maintenance Responsibilities (yes, we said duties)

– Remove any leftover leaves, sticks, and other winter and fall trash.

– For a nice flash of colour in your gardens, plant annuals.

– Spread mulch for weed prevention, moisture retention, and aesthetic appeal.

– Water frequently, but pay attention to Mother Nature; if she has taken care of things, you don’t need to water.

– Place seeds there and keep them consistently moist.

– Keep big seeding projects until the fall.

– Start mowing frequently.

– Apply a light fertiliser application with an organic base to your lawn to give it a head start.

– To prevent weeds in your flower and shrub areas, use a second pre-emergent treatment.

– Check your sprinkler system for leaks, cracked sprinkler heads, and other issues.

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– To get rid of dandelions, chickweed, and henbits on your lawn, use broadleaf weed management.

There is a right technique to cut grass, believe it or not. Over the years, we’ve witnessed some mowing errors that would make you squirm.

If you follow these suggestions, your grass will remain strong, content, and green.

– Prior to mowing, prune

– To prevent further strain and harm, never cut your grass more than one-third of the way down.

– To lessen the development of wheel ruts in the turf, change the direction you mow each week.

– Leaving clippings on your lawn will help you use less fertilizer.

We wish you luck with your lawn this year. We are hoping for amazing results. Call the lawn expert at any time if you have any problems (browning, illness, grubs, etc.) that require professional assistance.

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