Reduce Your Lawn Use: Save Water and Effort

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Ditch the lawnmower, lower your water bill, and explore a variety of plants and gathering spots. Lawns are ideal as active play areas for people and pets, as well as circulation paths through the landscape. Thanks to their uniform color and texture, lawns often serve as a place for the eye to rest within an […]

How to Landscape a Yard Without Grass For Better Lawn Care?

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How to Landscape a Yard Without Grass For Better Lawn Care? We enjoy walking on lush, green lawns. Nevertheless, is it possible to do this with natural grass? It is not easy, to put it mildly. The soil in your yard may be poor or overly shaded, or you may want to spend much less […]

How to Keep Lawn Green: 5 Easy Steps

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5 Simple Steps to Keep Grass Green What can you do to ensure that your lawn remains green through the spring and summer and into the fall? RDK LANDSCAPING’s lawn care specialists give some advice to assist you! Here are five simple ways to maintain a green lawn. 1. Decide which type of grass will […]

How to Get a Greener, Thicker, and Healthier Lawn: 7 Tips

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Nothing in the summer is more inviting for an afternoon picnic, a location for a photo, or any social event than a lovely green lawn. Here are some tips for maintaining the ideal property all summer. – 1/3 Rule Only cut off one-third of the grass blade. When trimmed too short, grass struggles to thrive […]

How Lawn Renovation Companies Can Help You

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The Benefits of Lawn Renovation Companies Renovations to a lawn can be as extensive as those to a house. While some would believe that because there are no drywall or structural requirements for an outside repair, it will be simple, it is far from the case. It might be challenging to keep track of all […]

Dos and Don’ts for Sprinkler Systems for a Greener Lawn

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Sprinkler systems work incredibly well. They allow you to maintain a lush, green lawn without having to constantly move sprinklers or water with a hose. The main benefit would likely be simply forgetting to water the lawn on a regular basis. Sprinklers are a fantastic invention, but they are also a mechanical system that needs […]

Dog-Friendly Lawn Care Tips

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YARD DOGS LAWN CARE Who enjoys your grass nearly as much as you do? The dog. On it, he moves around. He snuffles it while pointing his nose downward. He occasionally even eats it. When you own a dog, it becomes a member of your family—the part of your family that uses your grass as […]

Choosing the best landscaping and lawn care services

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If you are aware of the variations between landscape and lawn care services, selecting the ideal landscaping firm for you will be simpler. A lawn maintenance service will seed, mow, fertilize, and replace sod. As opposed to this, the landscape refers to the alteration of outside space through construction, planting, or rearrangement. Why are both […]

Checklist for Mid-Spring Lawn Care

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Warmer than cool days are present, which is a nice warming trend. Life has begun to return to your yard. Mowing, weeding, fertilising, and even watering are again household duties. So what exactly should you do to ensure your grass gets off to the greatest possible start? RDK LANDSCAPING’s team created this Mid-Spring Lawn Care […]

After receiving a lawn care treatment, can I safely let my dog out on the lawn?

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As few harsh chemicals as possible are used by RDK LANDSCAPING. With the help of our Eco-Pride lawn care system, your lawn will be thicker and the soil will be more balanced, requiring fewer products to maintain a weed-free, healthy yard. Nevertheless, we employ a wide range of organic and synthetic solutions to get your […]